My Isaac Part 25 Taking a Break

  Another year of waiting. Life went on. Eventually, we would be able to start our adoption home study, but in the meantime calls to take in more foster children continued.

  Another nine months had now passed.
My Isaac, Our Foster Adoption Story

From my blog:

August 30, 2011 It's Time

.....for an extended vacation.

No, we're not going anywhere, and I guess it really won't be a vacation with school starting up, but it WILL be a break.....from any more of these little extras:
Meet  Pink and Purple
 Pink and Purple only spent 5 days with us, but by day three I knew it was time....and I won't say we are retiring from fostering...because nobody would believe me anyway, since retirement 3 years ago only lasted 2 months!...but I do know that a long break is necessary. We need to focus on the children we have and on getting through the adoption process with Princess D.

 A visit to the doctor yesterday morning....less than an hour after Pink and Purple left, confirmed the decision we had already made. I have high blood pressure. So, I need to make some changes...less stress, more exercise, and cut the junk from my diet!

 In looking at what causes stress in my life...and there are many things....the easiest to eliminate is fostering, except D of course. I know the upcoming adoption home study is an added stress, but not one I can eliminate. Making a movie has no doubt added more stress, so I need to just leave that to Justin and not stress about everything getting done. There are other areas of stress that are things out of my control...and I need to just find a way to let go of issues and problems that are really not my own and leave it all in God's hands.

 Anyway...I have 6 weeks before I go in for a complete we'll see how things are then!

Psalm 6: 31a And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while:

To be continued... Part 26

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