Welcome to Living Our Lives Well

Welcome to Living Our Lives Well!

 I know this phrase means different things to each of us, so...

What Brought You Here?

  • Maybe you're at that stage in life where you just want to simplify your life; that could mean decluttering, organizing, or downsizing to a smaller house. But not necessarily a minimalist...you still like a great book collection, some keepsakes or a good DIY project!
  • Perhaps like me, you're dealing with some autoimmune health issues and you're looking for some helpful resources and encouragement. 
  • You might be a Mom; foster, adoptive, bio or homeschooler, or a Grandma or possibly a dog lover!

 However you happened to stumble across this little space, I hope you'll find some help and encouragement within its pages. 

What can you expect to find here?

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Who Am I?

Hi there! 
I'm Deb, Child of God, Wife, Mom (foster, adoptive, bio, homeschooling), Grandma and Dog mom to our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. 

 I've been writing stories all my life, writing songs since 1995 and blogging since 2008, starting with what is now a place for the songs I write: Lyric Devotions

My husband, Brian and I are parents of 8, by birth and adoption, but have just two kids still at home. It's hard to believe, but we have less than 4 years to go on our homeschool journey! 

Our Family-Deb, Brian, Daniel & Danica
Just 2 of 8 kids left at home!

 I recently came across this post from an old blog," My son, Daniel, is an artist. He likes to draw cartoon characters, faces, still life, animals, and more. He uses pencils, pens and markers in his artwork. He's also starting to paint with acrylics. Sometimes he switches to working with wood and has sold a couple of his carvings.
 When I said he should focus on one form of art, he responded, "I'm a dabbler." Then I thought of this blog, and realized we have a lot more in common than I thought!  I started out with just one blog, but over the years, I've added several more. Even this blog is a hodgepodge of various topics. I'd like to be able to just focus on one topic, but I've yet to figure out exactly how to do that. So, I guess I just have to resign myself to the fact that I too am a dabbler."

 With that thought in mind, I felt the need to create a blog that would allow me to 'dabble' in a variety of topics.  As I thought about what I should call it, Living Our Lives Well seemed to encompass all that I was looking for. Our goal is to live our lives well in every aspect; to strive for good health, enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle, to be there for our family and friends, to share our faith, and to help the people around us. 

My Inspiration

 I couldn't help but think of my parents and the example they set of a life lived well. Building a home and working together to provide for their family was Mom and Dad's main focus. In the early years, money was scarce, but we never felt like we were lacking anything. Whether it was growing cucumbers for a pickling company, taking veggies and flowers to the farmers market, or running a strawberry farm, they always found a way to support their large family.  During their retirement years, they lived a quiet life of faith and were able to spend their time doing something they loved....making their little corner of the world a beautiful place.  The values and work ethic that our parents instilled have never left us. 

Although their Garden of Ede'n Gerald no longer exists, you can still see the pictures here on this blog. yers ago I started a blog called Manitoba Gardens. I've now migrated those posts to this blog, so as you're browsing don't be surprised to see many posts with that label.

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