11 December 2019

Our Traditions of Christmas

  I hope you've enjoyed our Traditions of Christmas series. We had fun putting it together, reminiscing about Christmas seasons past and creating new memories this year. In case you missed some of our posts, you can find links to all of them here.

Our family's Christmas traditions, inexpensive crafts, and homemade gift ideas.

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Inexpensive crafts and homemade gifts

10 December 2019

Traditions of Christmas ~ Our Nativity Scene

 "Gingerbread and candy canes, cookies baked to give away; 
singing carols, Christmas plays, gifts and going to Grandma's place." 

 All of these have been a big part of our family's celebrations, but the most important thing to us has been to instill in our children and grandchildren the true meaning of Christmas. 

 "While some traditions come and go, others we hold dear"

  For the past 25 years or so, the center of our decorations has been our manger scene, depicting the birth of Christ. 

Making a wood manger scene to show the true meaning of Christmas

9 December 2019

Traditions Of Christmas ~ Gift Giving Fun

  Giving is one of the most fun parts of Christmas! As a family, there are a few traditions we've had over the years to add a little more fun to our gift giving. 

 One of these traditions was started for practical reasons, and it seems to be a common one with many families. Every year on Christmas Eve, our kids were allowed to open one gift. It was never a surprise to find a pair of PJs in this gift, but we usually added a small gift to make it a little more fun for them! Most years we included a movie or a video game, and more recently we've started adding a package of hot chocolate and microwave popcorn. The best part for us is knowing everyone will look good for Christmas morning pictures!

8 December 2019

Traditions Of Christmas ~ The Candy Cane

 This project is a very simple little gift that we've made a few times over the years to hand out to friends and neighbours before Christmas.

A simple way to share the gospel at Christmas time

7 December 2019

Traditions of Christmas ~ A Pinate

  Are you looking for something different to do this Christmas? One of our many Christmas activities from years gone by has been making a pinate.

Making a Christmas Pinate