Downsizing To a Little Fixer Upper For Retirement

Retirement is just around the corner!

As we thought about OJ’s upcoming retirement, we decided we wanted to spend this next stage of life in our home town. We have never strayed too far, but we have moved several times, and we felt it was time to go back home. It didn’t take long for OJ to find a little house he liked. I was not so easily convinced, given that this house required a lot of work before we could move in. But, in spite of being over 65 years old, I knew we could turn this little fixer upper into a cute little cottage. 

Join us over on YouTube and follow our progress as we renovate this little house! 

We purchase this little house in November of 2023, and started documenting our progress, with the plan to hopefully have all the renovations inside far enough along that we could move in sometime in the spring.


You can follow our channel, Coffee Walks and Whatever  here:Coffee Walks and Whatever

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