Oral Lichen Planus Resources

Since I'm constantly looking for information on possible treatments for OLP, I thought I'd start a list of what I find. I hope it can be a help to others.

Natural treatments for Oral Lichen Planus

What Is Oral Lichen Planus?  Mayo Clinic

What is Lichen Planus?  Also from Mayo Clinic

Lichen planus occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks cells of the skin or mucous membranes. No one knows the exact cause of this abnormal immune response. The condition isn't contagious.
In some people, certain factors, such as those below, may trigger lichen planus.
Hepatitis C infection
Flu vaccine
Certain pigments, chemicals and metals
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) and naproxen (Aleve, others)
Certain medications for heart disease, high blood pressure or arthritis

Relationship between NSAID and LP

Oral Lichen Planus Fact Sheet

9 Natural Treatments For LP  Dr. Axe  Types of LP, possible causes, and treatments

Oral Lichen Planus Alternatives Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Ignatia,  Curcumin, Lycopene, 

Natural Treatments For OLP   The Title adds cure, but I left that off, and I don't agree with the advice to use antidepressant drugs.  Oats, Valerian, Tea Tree are listed.

Beginners Guide to Autoimmune Protocol By using food as medicine, autoimmune protocol (AIP) followers are able to reduce troublesome symptoms and heal underlying imbalances by decreasing inflammation and healing gut dysfunction. The diet focuses on a nutrient-dense intake and eliminates inflammatory and allergenic foods to support the body in cooling down the immune system (which is what’s going awry).

Nightshades  If you are a person that struggles with food sensitivities, allergies, autoimmune disease, inflammatory bowel disease or leaky gut syndrome, then there is a chance that a class of vegetables called nightshades could be contributing to your health condition.

My Oral Lichen Planus Diet This is a post I wrote about my own diet.

Foods that may trigger a flare up:

tomatoes and things containing tomato
citrus fruits
spicy foods
salad dressings with lemon or vinegar
Nightshades (see link above)


  1. You might consider adding the information on LP from nutritionfacts.org. Here is one video on aloe vera and LP. https://nutritionfacts.org/video/is-aloe-vera-gel-the-best-treatment-for-lichen-planus/

    1. Thank you, I did see that video when I was looking through resources, but found him very hard to listen to, so went with a different link that mentions aloe.

  2. Thanks for sharing such wonderful knowledge! Herbal Treatment for Lichen Planus helps lessen the size of flat-topped bumps on skin and control severe itching.


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