Reflecting On 2020


2020 Review

1. What were the highlights or accomplishments of the past year?

  • I guess the biggest highlight came right at the end of the year when Brian left his position as Maintenance Manager at the hotel to take the job of head Custodian at the school here in town. It should be a little slower least once he has everything on his to-do list completed, possibly by next fall! haha
  • With covid causing layoffs at the hotel, Daniel went in search of a new occupation and found it at Alternative Landscaping. While others collected CERB or EI, he worked from spring through to fall when he was again laid off. He's looking forward to going back in the spring.
  • Springtime brought more family to our new town, with Dennis and Dana deciding to move here as well!
  • In July we had a visit from our daughter in law, Naomi and the grandkids, as well as Naomi's sister. We all enjoyed a nice get together at Dennis and Dana's home, but missed seeing Lorne.  We were thankful for the summer reprieve from covid!
  • During a summer teen day camp, one of our granddaughters accepted Christ as her Saviour. That's a highlight worth mentioning! 
  • In the late fall, Jeremy moved back to Manitoba in preparation for a new job at a gold mine in Snow Lake MB,  starting in January. It's a 2 weeks in and 2 weeks out job so we're looking forward to having him's been a long 2 1/2 years of him living in Nova Scotia!
  • Another year end highlight was our son Justin getting engaged to Ruth, a wonderful lady and welcome addition to our family, as well as news of a new grandbaby coming in May 2021.
  • It seems the highlights all came at the end of the year. Justin started a course in taxidermy in December and hopes to start his own business when he's done. He also has the opportunity to use his videography skills doing some work for the college.
2. What were the major themes of the past year?
  • The main theme of 2020 has been dealing with Covid 19. For me, life has not changed a lot except that for most of the year we've been doing online church because we aren't able to gather.
  • Change seems to have been the other main theme for our family, location and church. Besides those listed in highlights, our daughter Nicole ended her stint in the banking field and returned to healthcare. Two grandkids also started new jobs. Although we haven't been able to attend church much since summer, we've been enjoying online services.  
  • And everyone would be surprised if I didn't say renovations! I'm not sure we've had many years when working on a house wasn't a theme. haha, We managed to complete most of the projects we wanted to do here...adding insulation and drywall, getting rid of a lot of the old panelling. What can I say? we love working on houses! 

3. What disappointments or regrets did you experience?
  • I don't think disappointment or regret are the right words, but losing Mom in February was a difficult time. I miss her terribly, but I know she's home with our Saviour and one day I'll see her and Dad again. I can picture her there enjoying the most beautiful gardens and her very own waterfall.  
4. What was missing from the past year?
  • For most of the year....spending time with friends and family and attending church.

5. What did you learn from the past year?
  • This probably sounds strange, but I realized how little my life was changed when covid caused us to have to keep our distance from other people. Of course, I missed spending time with my family, but much of my communication with people is via text and the phone. For so many years my time was spent caring for was easier to just stay home, and I got used to that. I know the same thing happened to Mom until it got hard for her to leave home. I know I have that tendency and it's something I need to be aware of and work to overcome. I need to make the effort to get out in our community and meet people, and to be more connected. Something to keep in mind when the covid restrictions are lifted.

It would be nice to think that when we awake on January 1, 2021 everything will be changed and we can all go on with life, covid19 just a bad memory, but it's going to be a while before we're out of this. And will life ever return to the way it was? Probably not...and maybe that's not a bad thing. God has allowed this situation; surely He has a purpose or many purposes. He has a plan for each and every life and uses such circumstances to bring about His will...drawing the lost to himself, calling the wanderers back, giving opportunities for growth and learning to all of us. 

The only question is, "What does God want to do in my life as 2020 comes to a close and I step into 2021?'