Choosing Wellness, Changing My Choices

   It's amazing what can happen in a short time, when we simply make some different choices. Three months ago, I implemented some lifestyle changes, in hopes that my overall health would benefit and that I'd see some improvement with some specific health issues.

Changing My Choices

Garden of Ede 2017

I started off last year featuring Mom's garden in Carberry, so I thought I'd do another one for the 2017 season. Hope you enjoy her small but pretty yard.

This Veronica looks a little droopy, but still very pretty!

Delphiniums are one of my favorite flowers. Mom and Dad always grew them at the farm.

These hostas grow along the north side of Mom's house, and they're already huge!

Yellow is my favorite colour! I love these false sunflowers!

Mom has always grown roses...I think they are one of her favorites.

We had to get a picture of this squirrel. Mom likes to sit outside and watch him run back and forth along the overhead wires.

These next pictures were taken a little later in July.

The lavatera is in full bloom.

We had to get our picture in the daylily garden!

More of the hostas!

And a wasp nest on the neighbours garage!

The colours are beautiful in this close up!

I may still add a few more photos as the summer and fall goes on.

To see last year's post go to The Garden Of Ede.

Just July


Welcome to Carberry!

Welcome to carberry

All of these photos were taken around the town Carberry.

Starting with the Daylily Garden.

Pergola at Carberry Daylily Garden







Pergola at Carberry Daylily Gardens

Bird on pergola


And the prettiest flower of all!

Some random photos taken around the town.

Park in Carberry MB

Celebrating Canada 150

Celebrating Canada 150 in blooms

Love this bike!

This is a nice addition to the park at the end of Main street,
along the tracks...similar to the old railway station.

Picnic shelter in park

Great idea for a bench!

DIY bench

This one is in Mom's neighbour's yard.

Hanging flower basket

I hope you enjoyed our July tour!