Bloomin' Tuesday

These pictures were taken this past Friday in my parents' yard. My Mom's favorite, Joe Pieweed is still blooming, even though much of the garden is ready for autumn.

One of my favorite spots in the fall is this border. I've taken some beautiful pictures of these red maple trees over the years. This was a quick stop, and I left the picture taking up to my husband, so I don't have much to show this time!
But Here's my son, showing off the beautiful red leaves he collected. As you can see in the background, the leaves are falling fast!
On Saturday, the garden was to be the backdrop for a wedding. I'm sure the pictures were beautiful!

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Sky Watch Friday

We have had so many beautiful sky watch days, it's hard to choose a photo, and of course a picture doesn't ever capture exactly what we see! The wispy clouds among the fluffy ones were moving quickly with the wind, and the sun was breaking through at the same was very pretty!

I didn't even notice the birds until I looked at the photos later.

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Bloomin' Tuesday

Early in the spring, at church, our boys were given little flower pots with a sunflower seed in them. This is the only one that made it to the outdoors, and it has grown far beyond our expectations! Had I known it would actually survive, I probably wouldn't have planted it so near the house! Being right below an eavestrough that regularly overflows when it rains has kept it well watered!
There is a second head, but it's bowed way down to the ground!
Aside from the sunflower about the only real color right now is the petunias and marigolds.

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