Bloomin' Tuesday

These pictures were taken this past Friday in my parents' yard. My Mom's favorite, Joe Pieweed is still blooming, even though much of the garden is ready for autumn.

One of my favorite spots in the fall is this border. I've taken some beautiful pictures of these red maple trees over the years. This was a quick stop, and I left the picture taking up to my husband, so I don't have much to show this time!
But Here's my son, showing off the beautiful red leaves he collected. As you can see in the background, the leaves are falling fast!
On Saturday, the garden was to be the backdrop for a wedding. I'm sure the pictures were beautiful!

For more garden photos, visit Jean at Bloomin' Tuesday.


  1. You are certainly in the perfect location for those gorgeous red leaves!

  2. Our trees only have a few leaves turning but nothing as spectacular as your Mom's Maples. Beautiful shades of red and rust tones in the fall garden.

  3. Your red maples are beautiful! Love that Joe Pyed Weed too-its my favorite shade-purple:)

  4. The maples are beautiful - always a favorite of mine!


  5. I can see why your Mother loves the Joe pye weed, it's lovely. I love the wooden arbor in that picture. Must have been a gorgeous wedding! Jean

  6. Your page is soo peaceful and calming. The music soothing. Love the slide shows and flowers. Thank you.

  7. Hi Deborah
    Love the picture of the red maple trees turning fall colors. We miss all that in So California so I enjoy looking at pictures! Such a peaceful setting! Thanks for sharing this blooming Tuesday
    Love, Ann

  8. Wow!!
    This is just as good as a Ruby Tuesday!
    What a gorgeous little fella'....Love Terry


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