Bloomin' Tuesday

It's Bloomin' Tuesday again, and first up is my Yellow Rose.

I thought my Evening Primrose had disapeared, but here it finally showed up!
I love delphiniums, but they tend to flop over with a little wind or rain, so I'll have to start staking them.

I don't remember the name of this yellow flower, but I love it....I'm partial to yellow! The one drawback to digging truckloads of perennials from my parents' garden, is I don't always have time to get all the proper names!
Of course the lilies are blooming.

I'm not sure how this Echinacea ended up here...I'm sure I didn't mean to plant it there.
One of my favorites, Lavatera. Because I have to cut it back after it blooms, I've planted Yarrow in front, so it won't look so bare, while I wait for new growth.
My Lavatera are huge this year, with all the rain we've had.This is taken looking down from my deck. It's just starting to bloom, but is covered in buds.

And of course my yarrow hedge is still in full bloom, along with a few other flowers and alot of weeds!
Notice the pile of weeds.....I really have been trying!

For more pictures of my yard, scroll down to the next post. To see some more Bloomin' Tuesday posts, visit Ms Greenthumb Jean.

Our Portage Garden

Welcome sign my garden in all it's overgrown, weedy glory!

Frog garden decor
A few years ago, my boys started buying me frogs for my garden.

Frog garden decor
....did I say's looking more like a jungle right now!

Perennial gardenBut my frogs seem to like it!

Lawn chairs in perennial garden

With all the mosquitoes this year, the frogs are about the only ones enjoying the garden. We have yet to sit in the two chairs in this picture.

Perennial Garden
My gardening style couldn't be any more different from my Mom's. She likes space around each individual plant...I like a wild mass of different kinds of flowers. My thinking is that if I get enough flowers growing, eventually they will choke out the far, it's not quite working!

Perennial Garden
This isn't a very good picture, but it's a yellow rose my husband bought for me...they are my favorite...I carried a single yellow rose for our wedding.

Wild Perennial GardenYes, I like the wild look, but this is a little much even for me!

Perennial Garden
Perennial ground coversI do love the way the different types of ground cover are mixed together though. They're growing into the path, and among the rocks, just the way I hoped they would.

Perennial ground coversPathway through perennial garden
Lawn chairs, fence, and birdhouse in perennial gardenFrog Decor in perennial gardenYarrow along driveway to houseLawn and flower bedAnd here are a few pictures of the whole yard.

Lawn, garden and house
I hope you enjoyed visiting my garden. Come back soon, as the view is always changing!

Edited to add these photos from a later date. You can see more of the Gazebo HERE.

This was my favorite spot...a hidden patio behind the gazebo.

The steps from the patio to the deck and gazebo

The patio behind the gazebo

The steps from the gazebo to the patio

A planter in front of the gazebo

The view from the road.
The view from the road

 And the view from the deck.
View from the deck

 This photo shows the front of the house with the gazebo.

There's a separate post about building the gazebo: DIY Garden Gazebo

* Note: We sold this house in the spring of 2012. The new owners have made some great improvements, but removing all of the flowers wasn't one of them!

Sky Watch Friday

I love pictures of the sky, so I was really excited to find Sky Watch Friday! I hope you enjoy our Manitoba evening sky. For more sky pictures check out Sky Watch friday.Stop by again soon! ~~~Deb

Bloomin' Tuesday

The peonies are in full bloom, and beginning to fade.

Mixed with the hostas, they are still beautiful!
The bridal wreath spirea is also covered in blossoms.
But the most beautiful is the huge Japanese Lilac.

And of course the lilies love July!

Thanks for stopping by! For more garden tours, go to Bloomin' Tuesday.
Come back soon! ~~~Deb

Jackson's Lake

This lake is located about six miles from my parents' home, where I grew up. We spent a lot of time at this lake every summer. I remember waiting for Dad to get home from work so we could ask to go to the lake, or when we were older, we'd ask to borrow the car to go on our own!

The lake has changed over the years, with the beach being in at least three different locations that I can remember.
No, that's not a's a dragonfly!

At the top of this steep hill is a beautiful view of the lake, but it's a rough ride getting there!

And this trail leads down to the water.

I hope you enjoyed seeing one of Manitoba's 100,000 plus lakes!

Come back soon! ~~~Deb