Bloomin' Tuesday

Our yard is a two acre piece of property that used to be an old farm site. We moved our house here two years ago, and then added on. We have also had to spend alot of time just cleaning up the yard. Thanks to My parents, I have access to an unlimited number of perennials, or I'm sure I wouldn't have a garden at all yet! I haven't done a very good job of keeping up with the weeds, and I don't have time to label each photo, but I hope you enjoy this first peak at my garden! My son, Justin wanted me to be sure and mention that he took most of the close up pictures of the flowers.

The Lady Slipper isn't actually in our yard, but just down the road in a ditch!
For more garden blooms, go to Bloomin' Tuesday.
Thanks for stopping by! Please scroll down and check out the Garden of Ede'n Gerald. ~~~Deb


  1. This is my idea of a beautiful garden. It's just fantastic! The vibrant beautiful colors of the flowers, the bright blue sky, the green scenery surrounding,and the birdhouse. It's just beautiful. I need a wrap around computer screen so I can pretend to plop myself right down in the middle of it. Heaven!

  2. Love all the vibrant color! Everything is so green and beautiful! Lovely photos. Thanks for joining the fun! Jean

  3. What a wonderful collection you have!
    I've never see a Lady slipper and didn't know they were a wildflower.

  4. Hi Deb... got that link added now... thanks again for allowing me to feature your sweet parents' lovely garden...

    blessings to all of you


  5. Thank you all for stopping by the garden, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.
    Thanks Cielo!

  6. I am so glad you left a comment on my blog earlier. Your's is quite lovely. Thanks for sharing your garden.



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