Refacing a Fireplace ~ Using Scrap Plywood

This was a fun and inexpensive way to update our fireplace.

Last spring we started some inside renovations on our 1960s house. 

The first room we tackled is what we call the den. At one time this room was a bedroom, but a previous owner installed a garden door and a fireplace and opened the space up to the living room. It’s now the way we enter the house. Although our main goal was to upgrade the insulation and install drywall, as is often the case, the project grew once we got started.  

Fireplace Reno In 1960s House

We ended up redoing the front of the fireplace as well. 

Previously the fireplace was just covered in the same painted panelling as the rest of the room. Since we removed all of the other panelling in the room, we just kept on going and took it all down. We discovered there wasn't even drywall under the panelling on the fireplace, just the wood framing.

Original panelled Fireplace

The next job was deciding what material to use to replace the panelling. 

After considering a few options and looking at a lot of ideas I decided to do a reclaimed wood look using some plywood scraps and leftover paint...

DIY at its finest!

My husband had saved a bunch of scrap plywood, 3/8 thickness. It really wasn’t useful for much of anything, so I figured it was worth a try to see if I could do something with it. Brian cut the plywood into various lengths at 3 1/2 inches wide. He then sanded it and bevelled the edges a little.

Sanding and bevelling plywood scraps

In the meantime, I sorted through my collection of stains and paint and chose a few I thought would give me the look I was going for; ivory, grey, and two shades of blue.

Four Colours for reclaimed wood look

I started by putting a dark stain on all of the boards. Next, I experimented with the paint colours. I ended up brushing the paint on and then rubbing some off with a rag. I did several boards in each colour then decided to do some with a combination of all of the colours. You can see how I did that in the picture below.

Creating Reclaimed Wood Look

Once The boards were all painted and dry, I set them out on a table to arrange the colour pattern before putting them on the wall.

Reclaimed Wood Look

We had already covered the framework with a sheet of plywood so Brian was able to use a brad nailer to secure the strips.

Reclaimed Wood look Fireplace Face

Brian cut a few more strips of trim to use on the edges and I painted them using the same method. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but I like the way it turned out, and it was so satisfying to be able to do the entire project with material we had just sitting around! 

Reclaimed Wood Look Fireplace Face

DIY Fireplace reno

You can see the full room and fireplace reno on this video:

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Rejoicing In Isolation: I Will call On You

Psalm 34:1 I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

Psalm 34:11

At the beginning of January, I chose my verse and word for the year. 

Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say rejoice. 

Of course, my word is Rejoice!

Unfortunately, just a week later, an 'unnamed' illness got into our home. With five people in our house, in spite of doing our best to stay away from each other, we all eventually contracted the virus and I ended up isolating for about a month. I generally spend most of the winter indoors anyway, so staying in our house really hasn't been that bad. Thankfully, we had fairly mild symptoms. It was everything that came with it that made it husband having to miss work, my son having the start date for his new job delayed, the way people responded...these were just some of the stresses.

I'm not sure why I decided to do this, but when I chose the word 'Rejoice' for the year, I went through my songs and found any that related to praising God or rejoicing. I took my calendar and wrote the title of one of these songs at the top of each month. 

For the month of February, I chose "I Will Call On You."

In joy I will praise you; in peace I will worship you.
In all I will call on you, my Saviour, my Lord.
In sadness I will cling to you; in turmoil I will rest in you.
In all I will call on you, my Saviour, my Lord.

When things go awry in this world of sin,
I’ll look to you for your wisdom and strength.
When all is well, and I have peace within,
I’ll look to you with love and devotion.

In truth I will seek you; in faith I will follow you.
In all I will call on you, my Saviour, my Lord.
In doubting I will turn to you; distressed I will trust in you.
In all I will call on you, my Saviour, my Lord.

When lives all around are filled with such pain,
I’ll look to you for compassion and grace.
When prayers are answered; loved ones born again,
I’ll look to you with thanks and with praise.

In love I will serve you; in hope I will wait for you.
In all I will call on you, my Saviour, my Lord.
In gladness I will give to you; obeying I will live in you.
In all I will call on you, my Saviour, my Lord.

I'll call on you.

I guess I knew I would need reminders to rejoice throughout the year!

In the past, I've found that God tends to use my own song lyrics to speak to me and of course, this time is no different. One week into February and the weather outside is frigid, so even though I'll be free to venture out, I think a drive around town will have to suffice for now! But I'm reminded by these lyrics and by God's word that I'm to rejoice in the Lord at all times, no matter what circumstances I find myself in.

Philippians 4:11,13 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am , therewith to be content.
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

You can listen to the song and read the story behind the lyrics at Lyric Devotions.