Reflecting On 2015

Continuing my tradition of looking back over the past year....even though I haven't posted all year!

1. What were the highlights or accomplishments of 2015?

This year hasn't been one of big highlights, but more of steady progress, continuing in the direction we believe God has for us.
Brian has now been back to work at the Royal Oak Inn for almost a year and a half. It's been a busy time for him, but hopefully things will settle into a routine soon,,,,well, I can always hope.
The main highlight was becoming members of our church in June. We'd been attending for about 9 months, and knew it was time to take that step and become more involved in the ministry.

2. What were the major themes of the year?

I think the main theme of this year could be described as just putting one foot in front of the other and doing the next thing. It's been good to be a part of a church again, and to have opportunities to serve, whether in VBS, Ladies Conference, or the ongoing ministries of nursery, cleaning and yard care. Hearing the word preached regularly, and participating in Bible studies has brought back a stability and purpose that was lacking in my life, and in my family.

3. What disappointments or regrets did you experience?

 Last year, I wrote, "I can learn from my regrets, and I can commit to a better today and tomorrow. With that thought in mind, I look forward to the changes that 2015 will bring, and pray for the strength to embrace them," 

 This year I can say, I have no regrets, and have indeed embraced the changes in 2015, and am looking forward to what 2016 will bring.

4. What was missing from the year?

Last year I said, "We are closing out the year with a much clearer vision of God's will for our family, and the accompanying peace (that has been missing)." That continues to be true; we're following the direction we believe God has given, taking steps to bring our family closer to him. I know that I'm in a better place spiritually than I was last year, and believe the same is true for my family. But I also know that I still lack the self discipline needed to have a close relationship with the Lord. I was challenged by last night's message on TIME. What is required to be close to God is time...time in his word, and time in prayer, will result in a desire for time in worship. I'm lazy, plain and simple. I know this is something I struggle with and need to change.

5. What did you learn from the past year?

I think this year just reaffirmed what I learned the previous year. We need to be a part of a church to live this Christian life in a way that brings glory to God. I know that our time away from church was so detrimental to all of us. I also know I have a long way to go to get where I need to be, and I need the church to help me get there....we're not in this alone. 

Once again...looking forward to the coming year!