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My Oral Lichen Planus Diet

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My Journey To Wellness started when I had a health issue that couldn't be ignored. Previously, my attitude had been what I didn't know would eventually kill me. Even though I knew my cholesterol had been high for years, and I was pre-diabetic, I had chosen to just go on as if everything was fine...until my body forced me to take notice. This series documents my journey.

 1. My Journey To Wellness, 6 key areas
 2. Stepping Stones To Wellness
 3. Choosing Wellness, Changing My Choices
 4. Finding Wellness Through Nutrition
 5. 5 Steps To Living Well
 6. Wellness In Every Aspect
 7. 15 Minutes To Fitness
 8. Life Is Short; Live It Well!
 9. Maintaining Wellness; How Do I Get Back On Track?
10. 4 Healthy Choices For a Quick Start To Weight Loss
11. Living With Lichen Planus and It's Many Forms
12.Oral Lichen Planus & Life Update 2023

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  1. Whats Supplements do you take with OLP. I need help My Mouth is so sore and lately my lips have been affected (always raw and painful Thanks for any help Marcella


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