Bloomin' Tuesday

The peonies are in full bloom, and beginning to fade.

Mixed with the hostas, they are still beautiful!
The bridal wreath spirea is also covered in blossoms.
But the most beautiful is the huge Japanese Lilac.

And of course the lilies love July!

Thanks for stopping by! For more garden tours, go to Bloomin' Tuesday.
Come back soon! ~~~Deb


  1. Love your yard especially those lilies.
    Love, Ann

  2. What a beautiful space! It looks like a tremendous amount of work, though. So much lawn to mow...

  3. What an amazing garden!!!
    The peony season is never long enough for me...

  4. What a beautiful walk through this majestic garden! Such a pretty lush, green backdrop for all the beautiful blooms!

  5. Wow! The green is almost blinding to these Arizona eyes- just lovely and so lush!

  6. Your garden is enormous compared to mine.
    My Peonies are long gone - I wish they would stay all Summer long.

  7. What refreshing pictures (if pictures can be refreshing...)!

  8. What a beautiful area! The hosta and peony look great together. I've never seen a Japanese lilac. Looks gorgeous! Jean

  9. Thanks to all who came for a stroll through the garden. I'm glad you enjoyed the visit!

  10. What a lovely garden. Very tranquil and serene. Wonderful place to unwind after a day at work.

    Enjoyed the post about your yarrow hedge. I've done something similar along my rocky drive. The yarrow is thriving so far along with some Russian sage and a few iris. All drought tolerant and tough.

  11. Everything is absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to walk the garden in real life. :)

  12. The lilies are stunning. Here in TX they have mostly come & gone already.

    Come see my visit to Moody Gardens:

  13. Hey Deb,
    I can't get on your other comes up but none of your posts show up...

  14. Soooooo beautiful! I especially like the bridal wreath! We have a bridal wreath here in Florida -- not sure it is the same as yours, but it sure is beautiful whe in bloom!

    Thanks for your sweet, kind words on my blog! I'm always blessed when I see your lovely face there!



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