Multicolored Yarrow Hedge

Because our driveway has crushed rock on it, I didn't want the lawn to come right up to it. I knew that during the winter, that crushed rock would not all stay put. So, my solution was to pick a very hardy plant that is almost impossible to kill, would survive having snow and stones piled on it, but looked pretty. I chose Yarrow, a plant that will take over the whole yard if you're not careful!
These pictures were taken on a sunny day, so the colors are a little washed out, but you can see that the yarrow has many different color varieties.

You can also see that the weeds are winning the battle this year! Eventually, my husband will find the time to run the tiller along the edge of the driveway and flowerbed.

Aside from the weeds, I'm loving the way this flower hedge is turning out!

Thanks for stopping by! ~~~Deb


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today with your encouragement and prayers! It means so very much to me, believe me!

    Your pictures were just beautiful!!!! Yarrow has to be one of my favorites! Years ago, while looking for wildflowers to dry for arrangements, I found a whole hillside of these wonderful flowers, and filled the back of my car with the fragraces of these flowers.

    Little did I know that the meaning of this flower means "healing" and "sorrow." I've thought a lot about that, and it means a lot to me to know that not only has the Lord borne our sorrows but has healed our wounds, too!

    I loved your music on your other blog, and I loved your post today! Thanks so very much!


  2. Thanks for the planting tip and idea!!!

    It is very sandy soil here and you need something that you can't kill!

    Crepe Myrtle is popular here and also Lanatana for a ground cover.

    I love VINCA...and I grow Petunia's in containers..flourish!

    Thanks for the tour!


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