Reflecting On 2017

Looking back on 2017

1. What were the highlights or accomplishments of 2017?

 One of the biggest highlights this year was Brian and I deciding to start a business. It wasn't something we planned. We started out just joining an online shopping club in order to purchase health and wellness products at wholesale prices. We soon made the decision to partner with the company, promoting their amazing products. We're finally at a point in our lives when we have a little more freedom to do something we've always wanted to together building a business. The fact that we are able to help others and inspire them to reach their own goals, whether wellness or financial, makes working this business a pleasure! 
 Our biggest personal accomplishment came about when we started taking nutritional supplements. We've both lost weight, 75 lbs combined at last count, and are much healthier than we were at this time last year!
Another highlight is having our granddaughter back in our lives. After not seeing her for over 4 months, she now spends almost every weekend in our home with her dad. We know she won't always be here with us, so we're enjoying this time that we have.
 Danica's baptism in May, and Daniel joining the church in November were definitely highlights! We're so thankful for their desire to live for the Lord, and to serve in the church.
 An unexpected highlight that came at the tail end of the year was Jeremy deciding to move to Nova Scotia with his friend, Matt, and work in a gold mine. We're excited for him and this amazing career opportunity. Knowing he'll be staying with friends, and finding a church out there makes it a little easier to see him go. We're praying that he looks to God for strength, wisdom and  guidance on this new adventure.

2. What were the major themes of the year?

 I guess the main theme has been building our business, and preparing for the future, namely retirement; getting our finances rearranged in preparation for downsizing our home. With just 2 kids at home, it won't be long until we have no need for a big house. Our business is our Plan B for retirement, giving us an extra income and security.
 The other theme has been all about getting healthy. Finding out I have Oral Lichen Planus forced me to take notice of my health...or lack thereof, and realize I can't just ignore it. I've known for years that I had high cholesterol and was pre diabetic, and had done nothing to make the necessary life style changes to bring about an improvement. Getting proper nutrition, getting more active, and losing weight have all contributed to a healthier, happier me! 

3. What disappointments or regrets did you experience?

I can't think of any disappointments or regrets. It's been a good year!

4. What was missing from the year?

Not a thing! Life is good, and we lack nothing. 

5. What did you learn from the past year?

I learned that we're never too old to try something new!
I also learned that my physical health greatly impacts my spiritual, psychological, and emotional well being. 

I think more than any year I can remember, I'm truly looking forward with enthusiasm to the coming year! I just FEEL really good...I have more energy than I ever have, and that makes it easier to get up every day with a positive attitude!  I have goals and things I want to accomplish in a practical sense, but more important, I'm looking forward to the changes God will bring about spiritually.  In spite of how bleak things may look in the world of politics, or maybe the economy, I know the one who is in control, and HE knows what is best for us.

See you in the new year!

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