Reflecting On 2023

Looking back over the past year.

1. What were the highlights or accomplishments of the past year?

The biggest highlight of the past year was Emberley having her final chemo! Another highlight was the birth of another grandson. Justin and Ruth welcomed a baby boy in August. Then in September, Jeremy and Ashley had a beautiful outdoor wedding.

In November we bought a little fixer upper! Brian will be retiring in the spring, and decided we should move back to our home town. The beginning of a new adventure! 

2. What were the major themes of the past year?

I don’t know that there was any particular theme the past year, other than consistently putting out YouTube videos all year! 

But come fall the theme was decluttering and downsizing, in preparation for a move to our little house in Carberry in spring of 2024. Then in November, the theme became renovations! 

3. What disappointments or regrets did you experience?

I can’t think of any disappointments or regrets! I’m excited about moving ‘home’! It’s a lot of work to get the house ready, but it’s what we do, and we enjoy working together.

4. What was missing from the past year?

I can’t say that anything was missing from this past year. Emberley coming to the end of her chemo made anything else very unimportant. I’m just so thankful that she is through that stage and pray that she’ll continue to gain back her strength and her immune system.

5. What did you learn from the past year?

That my husband is crazy! I’m pretty sure he’s finding that out  for himself, having taken on this renovation project! But I I’m crazy too, so we make a good pair. 😃

You  can follow our progress on our YouTube channel, Coffee Walks and Whatever

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