My Isaac Part 12 Waiting

  The trial to determine Princess's future had begun in February. She'd been with us since June....8 months; a very long time in the life of a child. Visits were going well, and I felt that with support, reunification could be successful. We thought, finally a decision would be made! 

  Unfortunately, because of bad roads, an expert witness wasn't able to make it, so further trial dates had to be set in March and April.

My Isaac, Our Foster Adoption Story

From my blog April 22, 2009:

You spend a lot of time waiting when you are a foster parent...

.....waiting for placements, waiting for social workers to call, waiting for appointments, waiting for answers. If I calculated all the time we've spent waiting, it would be years! And guess what...I don't wait well. You would think with all this practise I'd be better at it, but this is one case where practice does NOT make perfect. I even wrote a poem about waiting, and I don't even remember what I was waiting for when I wrote it.

My Isaac Foster Adoption Story

   Well, here I am waiting again....this time for a judge to make a decision....and he plans to take a month to do it....a month!! 

 Okay, when I think about it from his perspective, I guess I wouldn't want to rush into a decision that's going to have a profound effect on so many people, but being one of those people waiting makes it a little hard to pass the time. I won't post the details until we have a'll have to WAIT!!
Why should I be the only one??

*Edited to add...Clearly, I still haven't gotten to "Not my will, but thine, Lord."!

James 1:5 But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

To be continued...Part 13

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