My Isaac Part 17 Now What?

 And finally, the judge's decision came.

My Isaac

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August 13, 2009 Now What?

Four months after the trial ended, the judge has finally given his decision. He did NOT grant the Permanent Order but instead gave a further six months to either prove their case (again) or send Princess D home. In the meantime, a new worker will probably be assigned and visits may increase, while they try to determine whether mom has made the necessary changes in her life.

October 2007 (when it all started)

June 2008 (back again)

June 2009 (now what?)

And I have a vague recollection of having retired somewhere in there.........

Note: What I didn't put in this post was that by this time it had become clear to us that going home was NOT a good plan, but given the judge's decision, cfs had decided to assign a new worker and start fresh, giving birth mom every opportunity to make those necessary changes. As much as we understood that they had no choice, it didn't make it any easier to enter another stage of living in limbo. We also knew that 6 months in the world of the child welfare system is is never really 6 months, and would inevitably stretch to at least another year.

Continued...Part 18

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