My Isaac Part 21 Whose Best Interest?

  After giving her birth mom every opportunity to make the changes the judge had listed in the previous trial, the decision had been made to once again go back to the court and ask for a permanent guardianship order. 

 In March 2010, Princess D's birth mom spoke to me about the possibility of us adopting her. It wasn't what she wanted, but she felt like she had no other option. Of course, there were details to work out, but we seemed to be in agreement. All we could do was wait and see.

 The next two months were a series of meetings and court adjournments which we were not a part of. In May 2010, birth mom and her lawyer presented a plan to the social workers, and it was agreed that she should have one more chance to turn things around.

  Whenever feasible, reunification is the best choice for children, but this living in limbo was taking it's you can see in this post.

My Isaac, Our Adoption Story

From my blog:

May 19, 2010  Whose Best Interest?

Princess D first came to us in October 2007. After a short stay back in her birth home, she came back to us in June 2008....almost two years ago. For two long years, we've been waiting for her life (and ours) to be settled, and now we face more uncertainty. Eight months since the judge's decision, and we are facing the possibility of another year plus, before a permanent plan is made....apparently this is in her best interest.

October 2007

June 2009

May 2010

Best interest according to who???

I've come up with a title for another book.....

101 Reasons Not To Become a Foster Parent

I know many ex-foster parents who could contribute their own horror stories to go along with my own....I'm sure it would be a best seller.

Sorry.....I've got nothing positive to say today.....just let me wallow for a while.....I'll be long as I'm not within spitting distance of a social worker.

To be continued...Part 22

You can follow the series here:  Our Foster Adoption Story

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