My Isaac Part 15 Cutest Back of the Head

  While we waited for an answer from the judge, life went on. And with each passing day, we grew to love this little girl more and more. Because of confidentiality, foster parents are not allowed to mention the names of foster children or post pictures of them on social media. We got very adept at taking good 'back of the head' photos! 

My Isaac, Our Foster Adoption Story

Best Back of the Head Photos

From my blog: 

June 13, 2009 Papa and His Princess

We even managed to take a trip out to Alberta.

June 20, 2009 Cutest Back of the Head

We fit in a day at Banff, then to Lake Louise for a very quick visit!

 I think I should start a new meme called, 'Best Back of the Head Photos,' just for foster parents! Here's my favourite from our trip to Banff. 

Princess and her papa.

A few more!

And even a couple of disguises!

To be continued...Part 16

You can follow the series here:  Our Foster Adoption Story

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