My Isaac Part 11 Surprise Packages

 And just like that, we were back to being foster parents! We hadn't planned to take more kids, but it wasn't long before the phone began ringing again.  I'm so glad we said yes because these were two of the most rewarding experiences we had during our fostering years. The circumstances in each situation were completely different, but both had a happy ending, and we were blessed to have a small part in the lives of these children and their families. 

Isn't it amazing what the Lord can do when we put Isaac on the altar!? 

Philippians 2:14 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

My Isaac Foster Adoption Story

From my blog:

November 25, 2008 Two Princesses

  I'd sure like to show you more of these two little sweeties! When I ask Princess #1, "Are you my beautiful girl?" she usually says, "No, Papa's!" but today, it was "No, Danny's!" He sure got a laugh over that!

  She loves the baby and hasn't been jealous at all. I've been preparing her for when the baby leaves by telling her that we are just looking after the baby and soon we are going to find a Mom & Dad for her.

What an unexpected blessing these two little princesses have been!

Note added: When we got the call about a newborn baby girl who would be placed with her adoptive family in the very near future, we agreed to take her. In fact, we drove through a snowstorm to pick her up because Brian said, "If we don't, they'll give her to someone else!" We knew her adoptive family would be choosing a new name for her, so we started calling her Pixie.
At the time we also thought that our #1 Princess was only going to be with us for a short time and would then return to her birth mom.

And then came another call. We had expected that Pixie would have been placed with her adoptive family before Christmas, nothing in fostering ever goes as planned. So I was a little hesitant to take on another newborn, especially a preemie fresh out of the hospital. But of course, we ended up saying yes, and Brian and one of our boys made an hour long drive, late at night to meet the social worker. Because they met at Tim Hortons, Brian nicknamed the new baby his little Timbit. Somehow, I chose the name Buddy. We had no idea what the plan for this little guy was, we just took it one day at a time...enjoying both of our surprise packages for however long they stayed.

January 31, 2009 A Blue Package This Time!

( I know, the picture is awful! But, hey I have 2 babies to look after!!)

  A little package arrived last night at about 10 pm. I don't know what I was expecting, but he couldn't be any more opposite to Pixie...and does she ever look huge compared to him! I'll try to post a picture of the two of them together sometime soon. But for now, it's just me and him! And of course....this is all you get to see. It's a good thing I have a friend who has kept all of her baby stuff because it's all at my house now! I've totally rearranged my living room and turned it into a baby playroom! I'll have to post pictures of that my spare time. Brian and I actually had coffee together this morning...just the two of us. The boys and Princess were in the family room and both babies were was kinda boring!!

(Picture added)

February 5, 2009 Diapers & Bottles

....are my life!
Do you have any idea how much formula two infants can go through, or how many disposable diapers two infants and a two year old use in one day? My home alone could fill an entire landfill site! I keep telling Brian he should just keep all the bags of diapers in the back of his truck for extra weight on the icy roads!
You really wanted to see this, right?!

 Sorry, I kept looking at my poor neglected blog, trying to think of something to post...and this was all I could come up with! I do have some good news tiny little Buddy was weighed today, and he gained 8 ounces in less than a week! He's gone from looking like a wrinkly little old man to a cute little boy! Justin (my son) says we should open a home for fattening up babies since we're so good at it! Maybe I'll have him do those night feedings...I think he'd change his mind pretty quick!

 My other news....they were choosing Pixie's family this week, so it won't be long and we will be saying goodbye to her. It's a good thing we have a new baby to take her place, as I think our little Princess will really miss her!
Well, it's back to the world of dirty diapers and mixing formula.....what was that woman in California thinking....eight babies at once!!!???

February 16, 2009 hands are full!
Notice the date on the photo? Yes, this is how we spent Valentine's day...and every day for the past couple of weeks! No hearts and flowers or even chocolate here...just more bottles and diapers. Good thing I'm not sentimental!

On February 24, 2009 we had the pleasure of placing our little Pixie into the arms of her new parents. I can't describe how wonderful that experience was!

May 4, 2009 Bye Bye Buddy

After spending three months with us, Buddy has been returned to his parents. We had transition visits over the weekend, and he left for the last time at 11 am this morning. His Mom & Dad actually gave us a thank you card...I think that's a first!

The visits seemed to go very well. When Buddy's dad was around, Buddy never took his eyes off of him, and one morning Brian was holding him when they soon as Buddy heard his mom's voice he was looking for her. Both good signs to me.

But what about Princess #1? Her story continues in Part 12.

You can follow the series here:  Our Foster Adoption Story

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