Walking With Clare

      I've often admired the photos that my friend, Clare Nernberg, posts on her facebook, so I was very happy when she kindly agreed to share some of them here. Clare told me that she loves going for walks, and soaking up the peace and quiet of her surroundings, and that's when she takes most of her photos. So today, we're going out walking with Clare.
   She and her husband, Alan, and their family live east of Russel, Manitoba, about two hours north of where we live. Their home is on an acreage, surrounded by grain fields, and that is the back drop for many of Clare's photos...all of which are taken with her phone.

Yellow field of canola

open metal gate in pasture
I love photos of fences and gates!

grain against blue sky and clouds

fence post and barbed wire

pink and blue sunset over field

Pink and blue Manitoba sunset

yellow lab dog in water
Sometimes Clare is accompanied by 
a family member on her walks,
but more often than not, it's her yellow lab, 

Stormy who tags along.

Another favorite spot for photos is the nearby creek.

yellow flowers blooming at end of cuvert

I never knew a culvert could make such an interesting picture!
circular photo through culvert

Bedframe with tree growing through it.
I love this one.
 I'd be tempted to drag the old bed frame home to my garden!

Manitoba golden crop

Clare's favorite time of the year is fall

Golden Trees and field

water in front of golden poplar bush

autumn trees against blue sky

decorative windmill

Clare says, "All nature, whether it's plants, animals, the moon, 
sky, or water....I am always reminded, 
and in awe of who God is."

Thanks Clare, for allowing us to come walking with you!


  1. What beautiful photos! The pictures of the culverts are very original and gorgeous.

  2. Glad you stopped by, Kathi. Yes, the culvert pictures are my favorites!

  3. Lovely, lovely pictures! Glad you are willing to share them!

  4. I'm glad she was willing to share too! Thanks for stopping by!


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