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gate and hedge in front of house

  Have you ever walked by a beautiful home, and wondered what was beyond the front gate? I have! Looking at houses, yards, and gardens is one of my favorite pastimes....which you probably already know, if you've visited this blog before! 
  Back when our kids were little, and we lived in town, we would often go for an evening walk. The kids were able to wear off some energy, and we got to check out the neighbourhood homes! Many decorating and landscaping ideas were gleaned from those evening strolls. 
  Still, looking in from the sidewalk just isn't the same as opening up that gate and walking right in, is it? Fortunately for us, Pauline and Glen Blair have agreed to open up their gate and invite us in for a tour. So, come on in and check out their backyard retreat.

  These photos were taken at different times, but no matter what the season, from spring through fall, this yard is a lovely spot to come home to at the end of the day.

Hostas, early in the season.
The hostas have now filled in this corner by the front step.
Barbecue anyone?
swing and hanging  flowers by swing on brick patio
Don't you want to just relax on that swing?
A great place to sit and visit.
children's bench on brick patio
Even the little ones have their own place on this patio.
brick patio
Enough room for everyone out here!

 I love the bistro set!

yellow lady slipper, flower
I wonder if these Ladyslippers came from the farm.
 There were lots of them out there,
 but I've never seen one where we live now.
peonies, pink flower
Beautiful Peonies!
And a little peak from the sun porch. 

  The latest project is this private deck for two. It's still a work in progress, and I can't wait to see it when it's complete. I'll ad an update when it's finished. I have a feeling it will become their favorite spot!

  Thank you, Pauline and Glen, for opening the gate 
and sharing your backyard retreat!

  You can also visit Pauline at her florist shop, Stems and Gems, in Carberry, or check out her FB page, Stems & Gems.

flowers, giftware


  1. I just love everything about their place! Such attention to all the little details.

  2. I know, I do too! Next, I need to do a house tour!

  3. What a beautiful garden. It would be lovely to relax there at the end of the day. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Kathi. I agree; a lovely place to relax!

  5. Thank you for the garden tour! I always wonder what's beyond peoples' gates, so it's fun to be invited in. I often consider knocking on someone's door to ask for a garden tour, but at least so far, I've never done it.

  6. hahaha, Michelle, It's tempting to knock, but I try to wait for scheduled garden tours!

  7. Love the gorgeous flowers and wish we could grow these in California too.


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