Manitoba Sky Monday - Oct. 24/16

For more sky photos, vist Skywatch
I wasn't paying close enough attention to the sky this week,
and missed some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, 
but I got a few nice shots.

This misty morning brought pink and turquoise skies in the west.

Bright blue mid day sky.

I love when the clouds are so low that they look like mountains in the distance.

Another October sunset

Sunrise in the east

Pink skies in the west.

Most of our sky pictures are taken from our own yard, near Shilo.
This one was sent to me by my niece, Savanna. It was taken outside Brandon, 
as she and my sister, Victoria, were travelling to Carberry. Thanks, Savanna! 

Displaying 20161023_124956.jpg
Brian took this one on Sunday after church, as we were heading east, leaving Brandon.

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