Manitoba Sky Monday - October 3/16

We took a drive on Tuesday evening, 
and Brian stopped to take some pictures as the sun set. 
golden orange sunset

It was nice to have a different view than  from our back deck!

golden orange sunset

Manitoba sunset

Wednesday morning was foggy, giving the sunrise a golden glow.
foggy Manitoba sunrise


Friday morning, I looked out to see some bright pink and orange clouds. 
I wasn't sure I could get a good picture with the lens I'm using,
 but they turned out ok.
pink cloud sunrise

pink sunrise

pink and orange clouds

This beautiful pink and blue were in the north/west.
Manitoba sky pink clouds

And finally the sun started coming up over the trees.
golden sunrise

Saturday was a beautiful morning, with variations of colors and cloud formations, depending on where I looked.

morning clouds

This was such a beautiful, deep blue that this photo didn't quite capture.
deep blue sky

sunrise on dark clouds

sunrise on dark clouds

sunrise breaking through dark clouds

sunrise below clouds

And Sunday morning I caught this one, 
just as the sunrise was starting to shine through the clouds.
sun rise shining through clouds

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