Manitoba Sky Monday - Oct. 31/16

Monday evening we were driving to Carberry, and there was a beautiful sunset.
 I had to try to get a picture through the rearview mirror.
sunset in rear view mirror

Another one from Monday evening, taken from the car,
 ....and one more.

Jeremy took this one of Tuesday's blue skies and fluffy clouds.
blue sky, fluffy clouds

Wednesday was a frosty morning...
but the sunrise was pretty through the fog.

A very frosty morning!
sunrise on a foggy, frosty morning

Brian went for a drive on Saturday afternoon, and took these.
I'll be posting more of his October scenery pictures soon.
prairie sky

prairie sky

low clouds over prairie field

Brian took this one from our deck, late afternoon
low clouds over farm

And this one of Saturday's sunset.

See you next week!

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