Where I Am From

A photo of Mom and me at Jacksons Lake

  Memories are wonderful, and they are made up of so many different things that come together and leave an imprint in the mind. Sometimes they are as clear as if they happened yesterday, and sometimes they are just bits and fragments...a sound, a scent, a taste, a feeling. 

  Many years ago, I came across a blog that had a little picture with the words, "Where are you from?" I clicked on it and found that it was based on a poem, and that many people had written their own version, based on their own life. I loved the one I read, so I decided to write my own.

   Some of my childhood memories will sound familiar to my kids and grandkids, but many of them will be things that they may never experience. I believe that taking the time to jot down some of these memories is a nice memoir to pass down to future generations. I'd love to have one written by each of my siblings, and my children!


Where I Am From

I am from the prairies, from the crocus and the cowslips, 
and the pussy willows in springtime.
cowslip flower
 I am from walking barefoot on hot sandy roads.
The trail up the big hill at Jacksons Lake

I am from swimming in Jackson Lake, dugouts and swamps in the summer; 
Jackson lake

from climbing trees, and swinging from ropes tied around branches.
boys on the sideways tree
The sideways tree swing branch

I am from skating on ponds, and playing in the snow after dark in the winter;
 building snow forts and making homemade snow shoes from spruce bows; 
from sliding down hills with cardboard for a sled.
boys skating

Our snowman family


I am from walking with my brothers around a four mile country block, 
and walking along the railway tracks collecting shiny stones; 
from exploring the Collie Hills and old vacant houses.
Collie Hills

I am from a one room school house; 
from playing games in the basement in winter, 
and playing Johnny Can’t Cross the River 
and Pump, Pump, Pull Away in the spring and fall. 
I am from practicing for the Christmas Concert at Arizona Hall, 
and going to Field day in Austin.
Arizona hall manitoba

I am from Spruce Woods Park, 
Sprucewoods Park, Manitoba

the Assiniboine River,
Assiniboine River, Manitoba

and the Carberry Desert.
Carberry desert, sandhills, Manitoba
                             I am from strawberry fields and picking cucumbers; 
strawberry fields

from bouquets of glads for the farmer’s market, 

and from strolling through Mom and Dad’s garden.

I am from Sunday supper, roast beef and potatoes;

and from fiddle diddles and spice cake,

and I am from Sunday drives to tour the gardens at Morden, 
and climbing Mount Nebo in Miami.
Mount Nebo, Miami, Manitoba

Mount Nebo School Cairn

 I am from Manitoba.
Manitoba, the Forks, Louis Riel, the legistlature

I am from putting one foot in front of the other,
and what goes around comes around; 
I am from befriending the friendless and rooting for the underdog.

I am from Gerald and Ede Blair.

That's where I am from. Where are you from?

   This is an updated version of that old post that I wrote back in 2008.

Read the original Where I Am From, by George Ella Lyon.


  1. Oh! I just read this Deborah!
    And the longing in my soul, after seeing these pictures is for the Manitoba prairies!
    Bernie and I are on our way out to pick up Mom Golden for her coffee and baked potatoe at Wendy's but I will be back to feast my eyes upon these pictures and your post...Love Terry

  2. Hi Terry, I knew you'd enjoy it. I hope I haven't made you too homesick!

  3. How beautiful... I've never been to Canada. I've always thought of it as being snow covered. My goodness... your pictures are absolutely breathtaking.

    Hmmmmm... my pictures would be of dirt and brown grass.

  4. LOL...well, right now my yard is dirt and a little green grass...but not too much else. But in a couple of months it will be beautiful again!
    It's not that long ago that we had snow, but once it's gone, we have a beautiful spring, summer and fall. Spring is my favorite...as all the leaves come out, a beautiful shade of green.
    As much as I complain about winter, I really do enjoy having four distinct seasons.

  5. How wonderful!!! Thank you for participating in Tour Tuesday! Your tour was fantastic.... I really enjoyed seeing some of Canada. I have never been and just think of snow and ice. I now know different! Your garden is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed the poem you created about where you are from.... very fun! Have a blessed day,

  6. Thanks for visiting, Heather. We're always happy to dispel myths about Canada, and especially Friendly Manitoba! We have beautiful sunny hot summers, and even though we have cold winters, and lots of snow, the sun is often shining during our winter days, and there are lots of winter activities.

  7. Me too, me too!!! The only thing I can't relate to is school at Arizona cause I was too young!! lol
    Have a great day...I'm digging up weeds in my niagara falls garden. Doesn't matter how far you move...there's always weeds isn't there?
    Love, Vicki

  8. Hi Vicki! I'm glad you stopped by...let me introduce you to my new friend, Terry..she is in Welland. She grew up in Rivers, Mb. and my pictures are reminding her of home...I'm probably doing the same to you! Terry...Vicki is my sister, also transplanted from Manitoba to Ontario!
    Have fun working on your new yard, Vic!

  9. Hi Deborah...thank you for visiting my blog..I loved your "where I am from" and your pictures are gorgeous...I have never been to Manitoba but have traveled other parts of Cananda...I am just across the border, so to speak. Nice to meet you.


  10. Hello Donna, Nice meeting you too! I hope you'll be back to visit.

  11. Awesome tour!! We're almost from the same place! I grew up in Wpg, but had (still have) relatives in the Wawanesa area, where we spent lots of time when I was younger. Now, I'm a little further northwest.

    I love the way you wrote this. Beautiful, evocative, peaceful. Love the 'sountrack' too!

  12. Hi Tammi! Glad you enjoyed hearing where I am from!

  13. Wow, Deborah- I just came over to thank you for leaving such sweet comments on my blog, and I see all your gorgeous pictures! Wow!
    I am enjoying my visit with you so much... and after reading your profile, I see we also have a lot in common, too! (Bluegrass, Ind. Baptist, KJV.. you're a woman after my own heart!)
    I'll be back for another visit-Please stop by my place anytime!

  14. i love this.....and your words are beautiful in describing where you are from....i would love to do this.

    thank you for your visit....sounds like you have been a busy lady...and have a very rich life.
    my daughter and her husband are on their adoption journey.....we wait in anticipation.
    have a wonderful day,

  15. Hi Kimberly! I'd love to read your 'Where I am From' I'll be coming back for a visit looking for it.

  16. I have done this writing exercise in the past and it is on my private writing blog now. I may bring it out one day soon!

    Enjoyed reading yours!☺

  17. I look forward to reading it YaYa!

  18. so interesting...and I loved beeing where you have been! ;)

    The flowers are just stunning...oh if only I had your green thumb and knees probably! I know your climate must be spectacular for growing such an array of flowers.

    Just lovely Deb!!

  19. Hope...Not me...my mom and Dad! We don't have a long growing season...but when the rain and sun come...June through August are beautiful....even September...the fall colors are beautiful too.

  20. Beautiful poem and beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!! Blessings to you on your journey.



  21. That's beautiful! I love all the photos, I feel like I've gotten to know you a lot better!

  22. Thanks, Michelle. It's a great writing exercise, and definitely worth the trip down memory lane! Let me know if you decide to write your own, and I'll add your link.

  23. I love this, Deb. I think I may have to write my own Where I'm From. Thanks for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

  24. Be sure to let me know if you write one, and I'll add a link on the meme post. I look forward to reading it. :)


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