DIY Garden Gazebo

green and white gazebo constructed of wood
  After enjoying some time sitting in our son's screened in porch, I was wishing we could add a little retreat to our own house. At the time we were living in a bungalow that already had an addition. Our house design just didn't lend itself to such a renovation project....we'd have to come up with an alternative.
    It took some thinking, and researching, but I finally came up with an idea. I sketched it out and showed it to Brian. As usual, he took my idea, and ran with it.  He didn't get a plan or a kit....he just started building, and figuring it out as he went along. It took some time, and a lot of interruptions, but the finished product was better than I could have hoped for.

man giving thumbs up building gazebo

We're off to a good start! My boys in the background are so little!

floor construction hexagon gazebo

Brian extended our deck around the corner and added the gazebo a few feet out from the house.

floor and wall construction hexagon gazebo

Corner posts are in place.

building hexagon gazebo

Hmmm...maybe I should just back away, and let him work.

floor and wall construction hexagon gazebo

Deep in thought, or just exhausted?

roof supports hexagon gazebo

Roof supports going up

construction hexagon gazebo

Starting to close in the walls.

staining hexagon gazebo

Danny and I helped out with the staining....notice how talented I am....I can still talk on the phone, even when I'm working!

removable screens hexagon gazebo

8 gallons of stain later! The window screens are removable for cleaning and storing. The screen around the top is stapled in.

removable screens on hexagon gazebo

The door is on, and the soffit and fascia are up.

DIY screened in hexagon gazebo

Later, we added two brick planters around the gazebo.

steps down from deck to patio behind gazebo

These steps lead down behind the gazebo to another patio. I loved this little corner!

Steps from deck to patio with stacked stone planters

The other planter

steps to patio

This is looking down from the deck to the patio.

stacked stone planter in front of deck

This is the front of the gazebo.

green and white hexagon gazebo

Project completed!

inside screened in hexagon gazebo

And it was worth all the work to have this lovely place to sit! 

  I was hard to leave that gazebo when we moved, but this time we made sure to include a back porch in our house plans. All that's left to do is add the screens, and I'll have that little retreat I wanted years ago!


  1. Ya, it was nice! Hopefully next year we'll get our back deck screened in. I have a lot of staining to do first, but it's all framed and ready to screen.

  2. Talented hubby building the gazebo. I would be missing it too.

  3. hi Linda, Yup he's a talented guy! Thanks for visiting.


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