Crow's General Store

  I love old stuff! I know it's popular to be a minimalist these days, but there are just some things I have to hold on to. When my parents sold their farm, I ended up with a lot of treasures that they had collected over the years. These treasures hold a lot of memories of my childhood....and I'm sure childhood memories had a big part in the making of Crow's General Store. This past weekend, we finally had a chance to go check it out. 

 It's like taking a step back in time. I won't tell you my age, but I will say that much of the decor inside the general store had a familiar feel to it. From the stools and counter, to some of the signs on the walls. It's actually set up as an old ice cream shop, where they serve floats, sundaes, cones, pop and coffee. 

I'm trying to get out of the way of my photographer here!

          It was a busy place, and I didn't have permission to post these ladies, 
                                         so I coloured them!
Ice Cream Parlour

Look at this stairway and deck  railing made from wagon wheel rims!
 All I could say was "WOW!"
wagon wheel deck railing

In fact, as we walked around, I just kept repeating, "This place is amazing!"

Bridges, pathways, waterfalls, streams, trees....
just a few of my favorite things.
The only thing missing is a garden.
And no, the fake flowers don't count!

Come on photographer, keep up!

And my official photographer even posed for a picture!
This place would make a great movie set...
It already has the building fronts and all the props for an old time setting.

Unofficial photographer even took a turn with the camera.
Wouldn't this make a lovely place for wedding photos?
You can book the Crow's General Store for events by calling 571-6875.

 The owner, Don Ditchfield is a landscaper, and we first met him when we bought sod from him. No wonder the lawn is so lush here.

I loved this old ice cream truck!

 I hated to leave...but we'll be going back again soon. Hopefully we can get a little more first hand information about the place next time. 
 Crow's General Store is located at 33 17th Street East in Brandon. If you decide to visit, remember, we're stepping back in time...make sure you bring cash; no debit machine! 

 In the meantime, you can read a little about the history of Crow's General store, and Don Ditchfield's dream come true, in this article in the Westman Journal.

The general Store also has a Face Book page Here. 

You can also check out the Nature Walks by Dave. They depart from Crow's General Store every Thursday evening at 7 pm.

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