Featured Garden - Formal Garden, Assiniboine Park


 In mid August, we toured the gardens at the Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg. I've already featured The Butterfly Garden that's in the zoo. Today, it's The Formal Garden.
 I always love driving down this road under a canopy of leaves. If it wasn't for the parked cars...I could have taken a better picture!

From the official site- "Designed by Frederick Todd in 1907, the Formal Garden was part of the original Assiniboine Park design. The shapes of the flower beds are sharply defined and highly geometrical. The garden is symmetrical in two ways: in the arrangement of the flowers in the beds and in the arrangement of the beds themselves."

Looking from the road...the entrance to the Formal Garden.

I loved the ornamental grass!

One of the two circles in the garden. 

After walking around the zoo, it was nice to walk barefoot on this lush lawn!

Every plant meticulously planted, evenly spaced....and no weeds!

They must have quite the crew to plant and care for this garden!

It just goes on and on! 


Now on to my favorite....The English Garden...see you next time!

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