Caboodle Juice

Yummy fruit and veggie juice recipe!

   My daughter, Danica, had been asking me for awhile if we could do some juicing. Since we had some fruit and veggies that needed to be used up, I decided this was the best way to use some of them. The great thing about juicing is you don't really need a recipe. I just throw in whatever I have....within reason of course!....and it usually turns out delicious.

Preparing fruit and veggies for juicing
Fruit and vegetables for juicing
  This time, we had apples, plums, a nectarine, carrots, and celery. I added a couple more apples besides what is shown in the photo, so there would be enough juice for both of us.

Preparing fruit and veggies for juicing
Fruit and vegetables cut up for juicing. 

   I washed and cut up the fruit and veggies, removing the pits from the plums and nectarine, and the core from the apple. It isn't always necessary to remove the apple core, but I did this time, because I knew Danica wanted to use the pulp for baking another day. I use a  Breville juicer.  I've had it for a couple of years now, and I'm really happy with it. 

Juicing with our Breville juicer.

The juice came out a lovely shade of orange. Just gave it a quick stir and poured it into glasses.

A delicious glass of juice

I asked Danica what we should call it. I was just going to call it This and That Juice, but Danica said that was too boring! A google search of synonyms for 'this and that' turned up some interesting words. We quickly ruled out 'rubbish' and 'scraps'....
I thought Jumble Juice had a nice ring to it, and Danica wanted 'Clean Out the Fridge Juice....Somehow, we came across 'caboodle' and Danica decided that was the best name for our new juice.



Have you have ever made your own version of Caboodle Juice? 


  1. That's a cute and intriguing name. Great way to prevent waste and get all that good nutrition!

  2. Yes, we had fun with the name....and it was delicious! I need to get back into juicing on a regular basis.

  3. It looks good, but I would be whiney and want just fruit in mine. I would make the veggies in a different one and then just pretend to drink it. (Speaking with the maturity of a 10yr old.) LOL

  4. hahaha Kim, You really don't notice the veggies at all...I promise! Danica and I picked apples today, so we'll be doing lots of juicing!

  5. I LOVE that you named your delicious concoction... the only problem is it will be hard to replicate. We too throw in whatever we have on hand into the juicer. That's part of the fun... the experimentation of it and the fact that it always turns out pretty yummy!

  6. I afree, the fun part is in the experimenting. I think anytime we 'clean out the fridge' and the fruit bowl, we'll just call it Caboodle juice! lol


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