Manitoba Sky Monday- September 26/16

I have some beautiful photos for you this week.

We started out with some strange looking clouds last Monday!

Tuesday had a beautiful sunset....

 ....with more interesting clouds

  Thursday morning, Brian left for a three day fishing trip, and took my camera with him, so the rest of these photos were taken by him, or our son, Justin. There were so many pictures, I just picked out a few for today. I'll be making a post next week of their fishing trip to the Duck Mountains.

 They did manage to get a picture of the sunrise on Thursday morning, 
though it looked a little different from where I was standing...
wishing I had my camera!

In this picture, it looks like they have arrived at a lake....
but it's just mist!

And more mist!

The reflection of the sky on the water is beautiful!

And another misty morning!

That's it for this week. Watch for my Duck Mountains Fishing Trip Post, coming soon!

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