Winter Survival Gift Guide

Gifts to warm the heart, nose and ears of someone you love

All of my blogging friends have been posting Christmas gift guides, and after the nasty week of snow storms we've had, I decided to post a gift guide filled with gifts to warm the hearts, toes, and nose of someone you love!

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#1 most important item on the list is a warm winter coat!


 I even managed to find some Manitoba Mukluks

This one was pretty popular on FB last week! The Original Beardo Fold Away Hat. I think I should buy this for Brian...or maybe someone could make him one!

We actually need this one! Our old shovels aren't in great shape. The Garant Ergonomic Sleigh Shovel.

On those days when the streets or roads are blocked and you really need to get somewhere, these might come in handy...Chinook Trekker Snow Shoes.

Another one that we need....ours died....What were we thinking, building a new house and not putting in a wood stove!? We'll freeze if the power goes off! A Makita Air Compressor.

And here's the Wood Stove...The one we DON'T have....but hey we can plan for the next house! (yes, that was for the benefit of my family who are all wondering when we are moving again!)

I love this!! 70 Hour Bee Hive Candle...Not great for a romantic candle light dinner, but it should last until the power comes back on.

Nordic Legend Two Man Ice Shelter with FREE Bonus Ice Chairs! I don't need this, but I'm sure someone out there is crazy enough to go ice fishing! And get bonus chairs!

Who can survive winter without hot chocolate?! And Rolo, no less! 


 I know I have a lot of American readers, but very few Canadians can get through a day without Tim Horton's in case you get storm stayed, you need to stock up!
Gifts to warm the heart, toes and ears of someone you love
And in case any of my family are reading this....I want this blanket!! I'm freezing!

Stay warm everyone!!

And if you didn't find what you're looking for, check here-


  1. I'm in MN and word is going around that we are getting a Tim Horton's here at the Mall of America! I'm excited to see what the hubbub is all about. Great list!!

  2. LOL, I really don't like Tim Horton's coffee, but most people seem to!

  3. Cute! I need that hat! LOL. I've never heard of Tim Horton coffee. Is it just coffee? Stay warm up there!

  4. Michelle, It's like Starbucks...only better. :D

  5. Just watched New in Town for like the 7th time, and we picked it out in honor of your blizzard.
    I think a copy of that movie should be in every winter survival pack, just in case the lights DON'T go our. ;)

  6. hmmm...I don't think I've ever seen that movie...I'll have to check it out, and maybe add it.

  7. It was filmed in Manitoba, b/c they wanted to be sure to have snow for it. Heh heh. ;-)

  8. Well, isn't that interesting! Now I WILL have to check it out.


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