How To Enjoy a Blizzard

  The sun did not shine.
It was too snowy to go away.
So we sat in the house
All that blizzarding day. 
I sat there with Brian.
We sat there, we two
And I said, "I'm so glad there is NOTHING to do!"

Ok, so it's not quite the Cat In the Hat...but I'm no Dr. Seuss!

Snowy scenery

 Being storm stayed on Christmas Day wasn't part of our fact we had opened our gifts the day before because we didn't plan to be home at all that day! But when a blizzard hits, you just have to make the best of it!
 So, what does one do when you can't see across the yard for blowing snow, when the roads are blocked and the highways are closed, when it looks like you'll be staying put for at least a day or two?

Well, first things first...enjoy a cup of coffee with the dogs!

Having coffee with the dogs

Next, you get out a jigsaw puzzle. I had to get a picture of this, 
because puzzles are not his favorite way to pass the time!

Doing a jigsaw puzzle

Danica got a new doll for Christmas, AND a sewing kit,
so she wanted to make a dress for her doll.
It's actually a baby dress cut down to size, so it just required one seam.
A good first sewing project!

And when the storm is over, 
you pry the boys away from their video games 
and send them out to shovel!

"This was no time for games.
There was work to be done.
All that deep, deep, deep snow,
All that snow had to go!"
(THAT was Dr. Suess!)

Shovelling snow

 Aside from up close to the house, our place wasn't too bad. We're up on a bit of a hill, and the driveway is on a ridge, so most of the snow blows right across. Still, clearing out a pathway, and around the truck took some work! Once the snow was cleared in front of the garage, Brian got the snow blower out to finish the job.

Shovelling snow

If you have to shovel, you might as well make it worthwhile....
Daniel made a huge pile of snow, 
and then started to hollow it out to make a quinzhee. 

Build a Quinzhee

A quinzhee snow fort and deer in the background

When the blizzard is over, and the snow is cleared, 
then you can get back to enjoying the scenery...especially our evening visitors.

Snowy scenery with deer in the field

Oh, and we can't forget the puzzle!
I ended up finishing it myself, while Brian cleared snow...good deal, I figure!
Unfortunately....there are four pieces missing.
Hopefully I'll find them at Mom's in her little dish of miscellaneous puzzle pieces!

Finished puzzle with pieces missing

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and if you live around here,
 I hope you managed to stay warm, and enjoy that blizzarding day!

And it wouldn't be winter in Manitoba without our anthem, 


  1. Thanks for this! Y'all don't feed the birds when all the forage is covered up like that? Our birds would die, since they are not used to snow, they say. Idk. Do folks get stuck much? Or are they smarter about the dangers, up there? :)

  2. I meant to get bird feeders up this year, but didn't get to it. There's lots of berries on the trees from summer though, and it's more sheltered in the bush.
    People get stuck all the time in this kind of weather....lots of buried cars too. There was a 7 hour wait for a tow truck yesterday in Brandon! There are always lots of people who think they can make it through, no matter how many warnings there are top stay home!

  3. That was quite the storm. I've got a puzzle set up for such days, just got the edging done so far. The grandkids love to make those shelters in the snow. I'll share the name with them. We had an ice rain storm on Boxing Day, caused havoc on the roads for those going to the sales, we hadn't planned to go out so enjoyed ourselves at home.


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