Top 6 Favorites of 2016

 I wasn't sure I would do a top favorites posts for the year, because I just got back to blogging here the beginning of August. But when I looked at our most popular posts, I discovered an interesting cross section of topics; a garden, a DIY project, crafts, a recipe, and a pictorial eclectic mix that truly portrays what this blog is about! So, here it is...

Top 6 Favorites Collage

# 1 is actually the top post of all time....and my personal favorite,
The Garden Of Ede'n Gerald
Garden of Eden Gerald
 This beautiful garden belonged to my parents, Ede and Gerald Blair, and was located south of Sidney, MB, until they sold the property in 2009. Mom and Dad spent many hours working together to create this little bit of paradise. These photos were taken in 2004 when the garden was probably at it's prettiest! Sadly, the garden no longer exists, but it's still here for all to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this tribute to the Garden of Ede'n Gerald. (Read More)

#2 spot goes to a DIY  project,
our Pallet Walkway Cheat.
Pallet walkway Cheat
 I'm sure you've seen all of those amazing pallet projects on Pinterest, just like I have. Maybe you even went out and picked up some pallets, with great plans for all the awesome things you could create.....and maybe you learned some of the same things I did................(Read More)

#3 is one of my favorite recipes,
Cucumber & Tomato Salad (Middle Eastern Canadian Style)
Served with Rice and Lentils
Tomato and Cucumber Salad Middle Eastern Canadian Style
  I had been craving a particular meal that I'd learned to make years ago, from some Arabic friends who had moved to Canada from Israel....Rice and Lentils, with Cucumber and Tomato Salad. The way I made the salad is very similar to the ones I've seen online, except I don't add parsley, and most use English cucumbers....and I didn't plant any! (Read More)

#4 is the introduction and completed list of our
Christmas Craft and Gift Series. 
Christmas Craft and Gift series
 Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. Even though we didn't have a lot when I was a child, Christmas was always a special time with family. When our own kids were small, there were many years that we didn't have extra money, so we learned to make do with what we had...sometimes saving money by making gifts. Even when the kids were older we often made our own wrapping paper, and baked cookies to give away to family and friends. With the Christmas season fast approaching, I decided to share some of our family's Christmas traditions, inexpensive crafts, and homemade gift ideas. (Read More)

#5 was the most popular of our Christmas series,
Easy Gingerbread Houses.
Easy Gingerbread Houses
 Many years ago, baking cookies and making a gingerbread house before Christmas became one of our family traditions. The gingerbread houses didn't happen every year, but at some point, all eight of our kids had a turn at decorating a house with candy. I still have the gingerbread house kit that I made over twenty five years ago! 
 A few years ago, I decided to try something new...individual candy houses made with graham wafers. We were having the whole family home for Christmas, so we needed a lot of mini houses! 
(Read More)

And # 6 is another one of my favorites,
Where I Am From.
Where I Am From Memoir
  Memories are wonderful, and they are made up of so many different things that come together and leave an imprint in the mind. Sometimes they are as clear as if they happened yesterday, and sometimes they are just bits and fragments...a sound, a scent, a taste, a feeling. 
  Many years ago, I came across a blog that had a little picture with the words, "Where are you from?" I clicked on it and found that it was based on a poem, and that many people had written their own version, based on their own life. I loved the one I read, so I decided to write my own. (Read More)

 I also want to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported us in this blogging endeavour over the past five months. "Likes' on a FB page may not seem very important, but they let us know that someone is reading, and hopefully enjoying what we post. I say 'we' because I don't do this alone...Brian does much of the photography for the blog, and Danica helped out a lot on the Christmas series, and we all do the garden tours thank you from all of us!


  1. A wonderful selection of posts from your blog for 2016. Looking forward to reading more in 2017.

  2. What a great variety of topics. You are well-rounded. :-) I enjoyed the pallet walkway project.

  3. Thanks, Kathi! Glad you enjoyed it. Well rounded or scatter brained..I'm not sure which! lol

  4. Love these! Thanks for rounding them up in one place for us to enjoy Deb! (And I love that, through pictures, your parents' garden will always live on.)


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