First Snowfall

 Our first snowfall arrived late this year; the end of November. Along with it came a lot of icy roads...a good time to stay home and drink hot chocolate and decorate for Christmas! 
 Saturday was a little breezy, but Brian decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood with the camera. First stop was to say hello or goodbye) to the dogs. They weren't really happy to be left behind!

Dogs outside in the kennel

Daniel's poor snowman has lost a bit of his face...but that's ok....there's another one on the other side!


Looks like the deer spent some time in our yard during the night.

Deer bed in the fresh snow

Can't go for a walk without taking a picture of a fence!

Rail Fence in a snowy field

Rail Fence and Wagon Wheels in the snow

Snow covered rail fence and trees

The trails along the edge of the Spruce Woods Wildlife Preserve are just as pretty in the winter.

Snowy trail by Sprucewoods

Which way should we take? The path less travelled?

Snowy trail, the path less travelled.

Snow covered rail fence and tractor

Even the neighbour's horses are enjoying the beginning of winter.

Horses through snow covered rail fence

White horse and brown horse in snow

White horse takes a closer look at the camera

Close up of brown horse

Close up of brown horse

Brown and white horse by snowy rail fence

Brown and white horse eating snow on rail fence

I'm not a fan of snow, but it sure can be pretty!

Snowy trail through pine trees

Snowy trail along rail fence and pine trees

Snowy path through trees

Snowy field

Snow covered evergreen trees

White fence, snowy field

The wind is getting up, blowing the snow from the trees.

Snow blowing off evergreen trees along snow covered trail

The dogs are happy to see Dad has come home!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel looking out window

I hope you enjoyed a walk in the snow around our neighbourhood!


  1. That was the best way to take a walk in the snow.

  2. I thought so too...Brian walked and took the pictures, and I uploaded them! LOL


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