Winter Greenery Arrangement

 I don't usually do seasonal decorating outside our house, other than some lights during Christmas, but this year I was inspired to do a winter greenery arrangement by our front door.
 Fortunately, I decided to do this project before the snow arrived...but only a couple of days before. You can see the arrangement had a dusting of snow by the time I got around to taking a picture!

  I got this idea from the Crafty Gardener and Three Dogs in a Garden. They both recently posted their own winter arrangements. The were so pretty, I had to make my own.

  I took a walk around my yard with some snippers, and collected some greenery. I trimmed some low branches from our pine trees, and some ground cedar.

  I decided to add some trimmings from our shrubs

And even some dry weeds!

I chose a planter that still had this green spikey plant growing in it.
I have no idea what it's called....
Brian picked it up at the nursery in the spring time, 
and even with the hard frosts, it just keeps going. 
I'm sure it'll turn brown eventually, but that's ok!

I took my collection of cuttings, 
and stuck them into the dirt around the edge of the pot.

I added a bow, and that was it...Not bad for my first try!

Have you made your own winter greenery arrangement? 
I'd love to see it!


  1. That's really pretty! I love that you used natural elements from around your home!

  2. I don't know why I've never made anything like this before! Just needed some inspiration I guess!

  3. Your winter pot is lovely Deb, I like to forage for all my stuff too. The store bought arrangements are so expensive.

  4. Thanks Linda! And thanks for giving me the idea. :)


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