Manitoba Wild Flowers

Wild flowers on our Manitoba acreage

  Our home is located on 5 acres near Shilo, Manitoba. There really is no topsoil, other than what might be caught in the vegetation that grows here...but remove that prairie grass and ground cedar, and we're left with beautiful, pure yellow sand...perfect for a sandbox! I cringe every time I see a neighbour plowing up their land, knowing I'm soon going to watch it blow away.

 When we moved here four years ago, we brought dozens of perennials with us, but only a handful have survived. Fortunately, I've realized that I wasn't born with my parents' green thumbs, so I'm content with the few perennials I have, and I fill up planters with annuals.
 What we do have here is an abundance of beautiful wild flowers. They thrive in our sandy soil, and from spring through fall, the flowers are always changing. 
 All of these photos were taken on our property. Just some of the many wild flowers that grow here...along with the cactus, prairie grass, ground cedar, and what most people might call weeds. The flowers change with the seasons; these are just some of the flowers that cover our property in the late summer and fall.

Goldenrod grows all over our acreage.

Black Eyed Susans and goldenrod growing through a pallet.

Black Eyed Susan



Liatris and Goldenrod

Hairy Prairie Clover? 

I love all of the wild flowers that grow out here,
 but I'm not sure of the names of many of them.
 This book is on my wishlist!

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