From Pallet To Garden Arbour

  As often happens, I came home one day to find that Brian had completed one of the many projects on my wish list. I had drawn up plans of what I envisioned for our yard. In my plans, I had divided the area into  four 'rooms'; the lawn, the garden, the skating rink, and Danica's play yard. 

  The area between the garden and Danica's yard was divided by a fence made from shipping crates and wire. An opening had been left for an arbor that would eventually....or covered in vines.  This is the project Brian worked on while I was out for a few hours.
Danica, walking along the stepping stone pathway to the trellis
The pallet fences are underway in the background

  I don't think any other pictures were taken the first year it was built, but these ones show how Brian constructed it. The 4x4 posts were already there for the fence, so he attached some pieces of 2x10 to the posts, and these created support for the pallet. The pallet, used for shipping doors, was larger than most, so it fit perfectly into the space.
  Danny and I extended the wire from the fence posts up and over the arbour. Where there were gaps, we tied some scraps of baling twine to give the Virginia Creeper something to grab onto. 

Danny helping add wire and twine. Skating rink/pool area in the background.

A view from below the arbour

The vines are making their way up to the top of the arbour

You can see where we added some twine to encourage the vines to grow upward

This year the vines have made there way all the way up the arbour.

Looking into the garden area

Looking toward the pergola and patio. My rooms are starting to form!

View from Danica's yard.
Hopefully, by next year, the entire fence will be covered in vines.
 This is the fourth summer for the arbour, and it's holding up great. If it ever does start to weaken, it will be easy to add in new supports from underneath, and attach them to the 2x10s.
View into the area where the rink was
  Since building the arbour, we've already made some changes to the 'rooms'. This year we decided to take out the skating rink, so there's no longer a fence dividing that area from Danica's yard. We found that we were unable to keep the sand in the rink area from drifting every time there was a wind. We'd end up with huge gullies along the fence where the wind had carved out the sand. Besides, the boys found it easier to go to the local rink than to maintain the one in our yard. So, part of that area will become more lawn, and hopefully, part will be raised planters for veggies.

Trellis leading to playhouse

And one day, Danica's playhouse and yard will be completed... another post for another day.

*I had to edit to add a picture from September, with the leaves changing color!


  1. Always lots of projects to get done. It won't take long for the vines to cover everything.

  2. Hopefully next year the vines will cover it all. Then I need to plant more along my other fences. Yup, always more to be done.


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