Featured Garden- Carberry Daylily Park

We toured this garden in early August, but had already missed a lot of the blooms. It was sunny, and not the best for taking pictures, but it was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed our time there. This is the garden that my dad donated many Day Lilies to. I'm not sure which ones were his, but they were all beautiful The garden is a lovely welcome as you drive into Carberry...which also happens to be our home town, though we haven't lived there for many years.

The pergolas are a nice feature, and I'm sure they've been the back drop for many wedding pictures

Echinacea, also known as Coneflower. 
My dad used to grow fields of these on the farm.
Echinacea has many medicinal properties...and is very pretty!

Liatrus- I love these! We have wild liatrus that grows in our yard.

Purple Bee Balm (Monarda) So many of these are flowers my parents grew...I miss them!
The view from the pergola, looking out across the garden.

I found Big Bird! This was one of my Dad's favorite Day Lilies.

I hope you enjoyed this garden tour. We'll go back again in the spring and take another stroll through this beautiful garden.


  1. just saw your post about your garden blog! beauties to be sure!!! WOW!!! and i have some Echinacea growing - i didn't even know the name! LOL, i am a lover of the beauty, but at times ignorant of names and uses!!! thanx for letting me know about the blog! just enjoying our warm summer days! blessings on ya!

  2. Saija, Thanks for stopping by!Glad you enjoyed your visit! I don't remember all the names either...my parents used to know them all.

  3. Pretty garden! That's so neat that your parents contributed to it and now you're able to go visit and see those things again! I'm becoming more of a daylily fan because they do well for me in my garden, too. I've added more every year. Is Big Bird scented? Their garden sign is nice, too. Thank you for the lovely stroll!

  4. Yes, it is nice to know that some of Dad's daylilies are there. I don't think Big Bird has a scent, most daylilies don't seem to. Thanks for stopping by, Michelle.


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