Featured Garden- Garden of Ede

 "Happiness begins in your own back yard"
My parents definitely believed this!

This is my mom, Ede Blair's garden, in Carberry, Manitoba. Four months before my dad passed away, he and Mom moved from the farm, into their house in Carberry. Before moving, they gave away hundreds of perennials, and also brought as many as they could fit in their small yard. Dad wasn't strong enough to do the work himself, so my brothers did the digging and planting. Dad had also promised a donation of daylilies to the community garden, and I still remember him asking several times if 'the boys' had got the planting done. He didn't want to renege on that promise, even if he was in the hospital!
 That was seven years ago, and as you can see, the garden in town has flourished. Thanks to my brothers, who do most of the weeding!

Lavatira, one of my favorites.

Joe Pye Weed was always one of Mom's favorites.

The hostas are as beautiful as they were at the farm!

I wish I could tell you the names of all the daylilies. Dad used to know all of them. I know one of Dad's favorites was a yellow one called Big Bird...maybe one of these.

We had to get a photo in front of one of the beautiful dogwoods.

Almost as tall as my 9 year old daughter! Surely this is Big Bird!

Mom, Danica and I enjoying the daylilies.
I hope you enjoyed them as much as we do.


  1. Love the pictures, Deb! I'm glad you revived your

  2. Thanks! Now hopefully I get some new gardens to feature. I have a couple lined up, but need lots more to keep it going.

  3. Another flourishing garden! You take such great photos and the snippets of description are good reading too. Will be following your posts.

  4. Thank you. My husband takes a lot of the photos. Guess I should credit him! :)

  5. Mom's garden has really come a long way!!

  6. Victoria, Yes, a small version of the garden at the farm!


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