Pathways I Have Known

  Maybe you are looking for ideas for a pathway through your yard or garden...or maybe, like me, you just love pathways. Whatever brought you here, I hope you enjoy taking a stroll through the garden, a hike through the forest, or just a walk in the park. Brick, stone, sand, or grass, wooden or strewn with leaves....I love pathways!

A split log and rock pathway through the flower garden

 Some of my favorite pathways are from Mom and Dad's old place
Doesn't this old brick pathway just invite you to 
walk down the hill to the garden?

Old brick pathway through flowers

And once you get to the garden....
you can't help but follow the maze of lush green pathways.

Grassy pathways through flower beds

Grassy pathways through flower beds

Once you make your way back up the hill, 
you'll find more pathways at the front of the house.

Grassy path through flower beds

You can take the paving stone pathway 
leading through more flower beds to the driveway,

Brick pathway through flower beds

or if you prefer, 
this stepping stone pathway leads around the other side of the house 
where you can enjoy sitting on the shaded deck.

Stepping Stones pathway

This pathway in our old yard, is a mix of rocks and split logs.
There's also a little stream to step across, hidden in the flowers.

Rocks and split log pathway through flowers

This leaf strewn pathway meandered through the trees in the same yard.

Leaf Strewn path through trees

This well worn path was created by a motor bike and ATV...
but it sure looks pretty surrounded by all those dandelions!

Trail through dandelions

No pathway lover can resist a boardwalk!
This one is located in Sprucewoods Park.

Boardwalk Sprucewoods Park Hiking trail

I like them so much, we made one in our own back yard!
Not quite the same, but I like the way it turned out.


Wood chips, make a nice covering for pathways. 
We had such a good time walking these ones 
through the English Garden in the Assiniboine Park.

English Garden Assiniboine Park

English Garden Assiniboine Park

These brick pathways led us through the Butterfly Gardens, 
located in the Assiniboine Park Zoo.

Butterfly Gardens

Then there are pathways that I love for sentimental reasons.
This sandy road leads up the big hill at Jackson's Lake.

Jackson's Lake

And this trail leads back down to the lake.

Jackson's Lake

It's been a few years since we've been hiking
but I love these trails at Spruce Woods Park.

Sprucewoods hiking trails

There's an amazing view from the top of this trail.

Sprucewoods Park hiking trails

And closer to home...
our trails through the Spruce Woods Wildlife Refuge.

Spruce Woods Wildlife Refuge

And these ATV trails along the edge of the forest.

ATV trails, Sprucewoods

  What is your favorite pathway? Stepping stones across a stream, a meandering garden path, or do you prefer the path less travelled? Life is full of pathways....choosing the right one makes all the difference.


  1. I liked the one leading up the Collie Hills,but I guess it's spoiled now.

  2. I forgot the collie hills! I might have an old one I can add.

  3. All the pathways look good in their own way. I am quite familiar with the ones in the English Gardens,as that is one of my favourite places to visit in summer.

  4. Yes they are. The English garden is always beautiful. We're hoping to visit the Peace Gardens this summer too. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I love pathways! I've been working on some through my garden. Every year I go rock hunting to find the perfect rocks to add onto it. They really do invite you to follow them and explore. They give me something to plant around, and define different areas.

  6. And there are so many different options for materials. I loved the grass pathways through mom and dad's was like mowing a maze...there was a certain way to do it so you didn't miss any!


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