March Memories

A photo tour around the Carberry MB area

Each month we do a photo tour of scenery in our area. This month the photos were taken in the Carberry area, about 20 minutes away, where Brian grew up, and where I attended school. 

The first photos are of the Lyon's Mansion, just south of Carberry. You can watch a video tour of this deserted house HERE, and read a little of the history of the home HERE.

There's also a FB page called Abandoned Manitoba, if you're interested in seeing more old, abandoned houses and buildings. There aren't nearly as many of these as there were when I was growing up. One of our favorite past times was exploring old houses that people had just left behind, often furniture and all. These days, we'd be in trouble for trespassing, I'm sure!

The Lyon's Mansion, Carberry MB

Not only do the photos capture some interesting old buildings, but they show just how much snow still remains at the end of March!

An old farm yard

An old tractor in a farm yard

Old farm out buildings

An old truck buried in the snow

An old wood frame house

An old wood frame house

Of course he had to take a picture of this perfect climbing tree for me!

The perfect climbing tree

A roll of old barbed wire

An old tractor buried in the snow

I'm sure the geese are wondering where spring is!

Geese looking for spring

He tried to get a photo of this eagle, but he had the wrong lens on the camera for a good close up.

An eagle in flight

An eagle in flight

A bird house on a fence pole

Horses in a field

And no scenic tour would be complete without a fence....

An old barbed wire fence

....and railway tracks!

A bend in the tracks

Looking down the railway tracks

Hope you enjoyed our March tour. Hopefully by next month we'll have a little less brown and a little more green!


  1. Lovely tour of March. You still have lots of snow. It has finally all gone here and the birds are chirping and nest making and the spring bulbs are just poking through the ground.

  2. Great shots. I do hope that the snowy scenes are done for this year and that we don't get more of that white stuff till next winter.I'm ready for spring.

  3. Those are some nice pictures and scenes. I haven't seen that much snow anywhere for awhile now, though. You must have more in your part of Manitoba than we do.

  4. Rosanna, We still have huge snow banks around our house, but the fields are getting bare. These were taken south of Carberry on March 25th.


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