Manitoba Blizzard of 2017

While so many of my blogging friends are posting pictures of plants coming up in their gardens, and making plans for the new garden season, I'm sitting here looking out my window at snow and ice! 

Blowing snow, white out

I have no idea how much snow fell, because the wind blew it all into huge snowbanks, leaving other parts of the yard bare. This storm lasted over 24 hours! 

This was my view yesterday.

The view from my front door, blowing snow

There's a neighbour over there somewhere!

Blowing snow

Near one community, vehicles were stranded on the Trans Canada for up to 18 hours, after a bad accident blocked the way. Firemen and local residents eventually went out on snow mobiles to rescue them, and bring fuel. The town's school opened up their gym to about 70 people, providing food and other necessities until the storm passed. I'm sure as days go by we'll hear more stories like this.

Morning number 2....Brian tried to go to work this morning, but decided not to try to plow through the snow drifts. Later in the morning he took a walk down the road after someone else went through with a truck...they were stuck a few times, but finally made it through. It doesn't look too bad, but that snow is rock hard, and it's sheer ice underneath.....I think we'll wait for the snow plow!

Our road blocked by snow

We'll have some shoveling to do to get out the front door!

Our front door blocked by snow

Our snow covered patio and deck stairs

The view from the road to our house. The wind just blew the snow right across our driveway, so it's relatively clear, with just a few small drifts. But right in front of our garage is a different story!

The view from the road to our house

Not much snow, but lots of ice!

Ice covered driveway

The wind blew much of the snow away in some spots, leaving sparkling ice covered ripples.

Sparkling ice on the snow drifts

Sparkling ice on the snow drifts

Ice on the deck rail

I'm glad the boys didn't make a skating rink in the back yard this year,
 because that area is now buried under 4-5 feet of snow!

Snowbanks cover the yard

UH OH! the dogs have discovered they can almost jump the fence in some places! And to think, I was looking forward to some snow to keep the dogs from tracking mud in the house! Should be a while before we have to worry about that again.

Snowbanks cover the yard

I hope everyone made it through the storm ok...and for my southern friends...enjoy your sprouting gardens and green grass...while we dig out from our second big blizzard of the winter!

Spring is just around the corner, spring is just around the corner, spring is just around the corner....

Spring is just around the corner


  1. You certainly got the brunt of that storm. We had strong winds, but almost no new snow.These pictures remind me of the storm of 1997.

  2. So, Deb, what is that yellow blooming thing? So lovely!
    Missouri had a big blizzard on this date 66 years ago. I know because my husband was born about this time and his mom has told us about it.
    Oh, and he's about 66. ;)

    Another thing: Sometimes when we have tornadoes, it rains so hard, you cannot see the neighbor's silo across the road. Big rain. Just think if all that was snow! Haha!

  3. Oh wow, what a storm. Hope it has stopped now, but the clean up will take awhile.

  4. Someone said this is the longest lasting blizzard since 1959...I don't know if that's true, but it sure was a long one. Fortunately we didn't lose power like some people, and we were able to stay nice and warm throughout the storm. And my husband couldn't go to work, so it was nice to have him home! It's all done now, but of course there's the cleanup...I mat see Brian some time tonight...he's clearing the snow at work now.
    Katherine, I forget the name of the was from my parents' garden...I just went for something bright and cheery! LOL

  5. Wow! That's a lot of snow. I've never experienced a blizzard, so I enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading your report.

  6. It was quite the storm, wasn't it? I don't think we got nearly as much snow out our way, but the wind sure did howl. We lost power during the night one night, but I don't think it was very long because the house wasn't cold. My husband could still go to work as it's not far and the visibility was fine by the time work time came.


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