Reflecting On 2013

Continuing my tradition of looking back over the past year.

 1. What were the highlights or accomplishments of 2013?

  There were not a lot of highlights this year, other than the birth of eleven puppies in May. It's been nice hearing back from the new owners; everyone seems very happy!
   We accomplished a lot of  landscaping and outdoor construction, but a much less intense summer than last year.
  I'd have to say it's been more a year of misty flats and valleys than mountain tops!

   2. What were the major themes of the year?

   Home and family were the major themes. We continued working on our house through the early months, and then switched to the outdoors in the spring and summer. Brian built the decks, a pergola, and fences to keep deer out and dogs in! Trees were planted, top soil was brought in, lawn was sodded and perennials transplanted.
   Spring also brought sad times with the passing of Brian's mom. Thankfully, Brian and Nicole were both able to spend some time with Alice before her passing. A beautiful service had been planned by Alice herself, and many friends and family were able to attend. 
   One of the biggest changes was Justin's temporary move to Alberta. He spent several months working with Lorne, coming back home late in the summer. I really wasn't ready for him to fly the coup, and this all happened a little too quickly for me. It's hard to believe that our 'second batch' is growing up so quickly, but with a young lady now a big part of Justin's life, I guess I better get ready for more changes!
   During the spring and summer we also had one of our daughters spend some time with us until she was able to find employment and a place to live in Brandon. It was a blessing to have this time with her, and especially to enjoy her cooking skills!
  Fall brought changes for another daughter, requiring us to spend some time renovating her mobile home, in preparation for renters. (construction and renovations seem to be the story of our lives)
  The past few years have been difficult for both of these daughters, and as parents, it's very hard to see our children hurting. The one positive that has come out of all of this is that we have our girls back. For the first time in many years, all of our children were home at the same time for a Christmas get together. Fortunately, the stomach bugs stayed away until later!

3. What disappointments or regrets did you experience?

  Anything I may count as a disappointment or regret is really pointless....we can't go back and change things, so rather than dwell on regrets, I happily say goodbye to 2013, and welcome 2014, and all the promise it holds!

4.  What was missing from the year?

   What was missing from 2013 was a close walk with the Lord and a clear direction. Having spent the previous year so busy with our move and construction, we really just didn't have much energy left for most of 2013, and the year just took its own path.
  We're thankful for the willingness of friends to come out to our home for Bible study during the spring and fall, and for the church we began attending in the latter part of the year.

5. What did you learn from the past year?

  I've been reminded of the importance of being part of a community of faith. After a year break from regular church, we have tip toed back in...not quite ready to plunge right in...which I think has been the right way. We're still not sure where we fit in, but we're trusting the Lord to show us, and to provide.

Happy new year to all!

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