My Verse For 2013 ~ Joshua 24:15

 For the past two years, I've chosen a verse for the year, and when I condense each of these two verses down to one word they are: 2011-SEEK, and 2012- GO. 2011 was a year filled with lots of questioning, pondering, evaluating our lives, and ultimately led to our decision to move home. 2012 was spent putting action to that 'GO".

 Now that we are here, my question is, "What now, Lord?" As I contemplated this year's verse, I came across a portion of scripture that I believe is God's answer to my question, and is meant to be my verse this year.

"......but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15c"

 It's a very common scripture; maybe so common that it's sometimes used without much thought. But these are not words to be taken lightly...they're not just a nice wall plaque or bookmark. They are words that require an action, a commitment. And at this moment, as I write these words, I don't even know what those words in action will look like in my life this coming year. What I do know....and all I really need to know, is that God is faithful, and when we seek, he directs; when we go, he leads, and when we commit to serving him he blesses.

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