5 Specific Ways To Focus On Time In God's Word

As I set goals for the coming year, time in God's word is one of the areas I looked at. Some years, I've used a printed Bible reading plan where I check off the chapters as I read them. Last year, I subscribed to an online Bible reading plan. I also read the Proverb for the date and posted a verse from the Proverb each day. Aside from that, I didn't really have a specific plan or goal for the year. This year, I wanted to be more intentional, so I looked at specific ways I could focus more on my time in God's word.

What I'm doing to be more intentional with my Bible time:

I Chose a Specific Spot In My Home

I wanted a place where everything I need can be set out and not have to be cleared away for some other purpose. I've used the dining room table in the past, but I couldn't just leave my Bible, notebook, note cards and whatever else I was working on out all the time.

This might sound easy, but it took me some time to find the perfect spot. I had a desk for a while, but it was too big for the space. I also do my writing in the same spot, so I needed a place to sit comfortably with my laptop. 

The spot I chose is by my front window. I need sunlight, especially in the winter. I love to be able to look out at the trees and the hills across the road. I have my chair tucked back in a corner and I'm surrounded by bookshelves. I have a small table for my laptop to sit on...it's not the ideal set up ergonomically, but still far better than a regular level table or desk!

I Chose a Specific Time For Focusing On God's Word

Although I don't worry about the exact time, morning is when I try to spend time in my Bible. The house is quiet; my daughter is usually doing her school work at the dining room table, and of course, the sun is best in the morning.

I Chose a Specific Verse to Focus On Throughout the Year

Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto me and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. 
I plan to remind myself of this verse every day, and do just what it says...call unto God, knowing He will answer with great and mighty things that I cannot even imagine.
I wrote here, how I chose this verse.

I Chose a Specific Book of the Bible to Focus On 

Last year I read the Proverb for the date and posted a scripture picture each day with select verses from that daily Proverb. This year, I've decided to look at the Promises From God found in the book of Psalms. Each week I'll focus on a specific promise.

I Chose Specific Activities


It's so easy to 'do my Bible reading' and just move on to other things. I've tried Bible reading plans, and so often I read my chapters and an hour later, I've forgotten what I read.  I wanted to find something that would help me focus on God's word, even if it's just a few verses.

What I'm doing to be more focused and intentional in my time in God's word.Because I'm focusing on Promises From Psalms, each week I'm writing out a promise on a notecard. I could type them and make them prettier, but I think they'll stick with me more if I take the time to write them out. I plan to review these verses daily, hoping to memorize, but at the very least, spend time each day reading them. I'm also posting these scriptures here on my blog. 

I'm using these note cards to keep track of prayer requests as well. I keep the current card in my Bible, along with my church prayer list. My spot isn't exactly a prayer closet, but it is a cozy corner where I can pray. 

I'm not writing specifically about prayer here, but a friend posted how she created a prayer routine: 5 Things You Must Do To Create a Productive Prayer Routine. 

Much of my Bible study stems from whatever we're studying in church. For now, that means word studies in the book of Proverbs and going through the book of Luke, two of my favourites.
Studying Luke has reminded me of the many songs I've written, based on the Gospels. Songwriting is another activity I'm contemplating getting back to...but no specific goal for that!


Along with reading, I'm using an Audio Bible, dramatized version to listen to the word. I started doing this last year. Right now I'm going through Psalms this way. 

I'm also spending more time listening to music that helps me to focus on God and his word. This is something that came about because of my daughter. I'm quite content to have complete quiet as I go about my day, so I seldom think to turn music on. But Danica asked me to help her find some good music to listen to. I sent her some links and she compiled a playlist. We're both enjoying this.

What I'm doing to be more focused and intentional in my time in God's word.

I hope you find some help in this post, but it is really just for me...to help me to continue in what I've started this month and to carry on throughout the year. Posting here gives me some accountability.

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  1. Great post! I also love writing out His promises on index cards. Such a great way to meditate on His truth and hide it in our hearts!

    1. Yes, I'm finding it very helpful! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I want to pick a spot. I loved spending time with the Lord on a sitting hammock on my back porch, but it's too cold in the winter. To have a set-aside place is inviting.

    1. Yes, it's way too cold here right now too, but I'm looking forward to spending time on the front deck this summer, where I have the same view as from my window.


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