Traditions Of Christmas ~ Gift Giving Fun

  Giving is one of the most fun parts of Christmas! As a family, there are a few traditions we've had over the years to add a little more fun to our gift giving. 

 One of these traditions was started for practical reasons, and it seems to be a common one with many families. Every year on Christmas Eve, our kids were allowed to open one gift. It was never a surprise to find a pair of PJs in this gift, but we usually added a small gift to make it a little more fun for them! Most years we included a movie or a video game, and more recently we've started adding a package of hot chocolate and microwave popcorn. The best part for us is knowing everyone will look good for Christmas morning pictures!

Christmas Eve Gift Package

Christmas Eve Gift Package

Superhero PJs were always a hit!
Christmas Eve Gifts

 No matter the age, everyone appreciates the new PJs and whatever else they happen to find in the box. PJ's are always on my Christmas list too! A few years ago, our oldest son continued the tradition when he bought his dad PJs...unfortunately, I didn't get a picture! 

Christmas Eve Gifts

 Something we started many years ago was choosing a different colour wrapping paper for each of the kids. I don't put any names on the gifts, so no one knows which gifts are theirs. They can handle and shake the gifts all they want and try to figure out which ones are theirs. We usually make them wait until Christmas morning to tell them. I think the more kids you have the more fun this is, but even with just two, we continue this tradition.

Everyone gets a different colour wrapping paper

 For years we've bought the large rolls of wrapping paper that have a different pattern on both sides. That way I'm assured we have enough of each colour to wrap all the gifts. These rolls last forever, so I usually buy one new roll each year just to add variety.

Everyone gets a different colour wrapping paper

 For a couple of years, when our older kids were all living at home, we changed it up a little. Instead of different coloured wrapping paper, we used characters from their favourite tv show...Star Trek! (yes, that's going waaay back!)  Another year I used Winnie the Pooh characters. No matter which method we've used, the kids have always had fun trying to guess which gifts belonged to them!

  One last tradition has been helping the kids pick out gifts for each other, and for us. Kids love to receive gifts, but they also get a lot of pleasure out of giving gifts. I think for most of our kids their favourite Christmas may have been the year they had their first job and were able to go all out on buying gifts for us. I don't remember my own gifts as much as what they got for their dad...usually some type of tool they knew he wanted but couldn't afford. They were so excited to be able to do this for him!

 Do you have a gift giving tradition in your family? We'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Awww, I love this! Christmas PJs are for sure going to be a thing in our house on Christmas Eve now :)


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